Thursday, April 12, 2018

Review: Burro Hills

Title: Burro Hills
Author: Julia Lynn Rubin

In a town like Burro Hills, you either figure out who you are or die trying.

Seventeen-year-old Jack has lived in the troubled California town his entire life. He hides the truth about his sexuality from everyone, including his best friend Jess and his childhood rival and drug dealing partner, Toby. Keeping your head down, Jack knows, is the best way to survive.

But when Connor, a fearless new arrival, enrolls at school, he sees right through Jack’s façade. Jack finds himself falling for Connor, and the feeling is mutual―but their relationship will set into a motion a series of events with lasting consequences. After a falling out with Jess, Jack is worried to see her growing close to the manipulative Toby. To make matters worse, Jack is becoming increasingly paranoid that Toby will expose his relationship with Connor.

As tensions rise and more secrets come to a head, Jack cuts off ties with Toby. Hungry for revenge, Toby comes after Jack, jeopardizing his budding romance with Connor and the life he’s tried so hard to salvage in Burro Hills.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me a free review copy in exchange for an honest review

I found about this book while on Goodreads looking up books that were coming out this year and I'm glad I did. The cover and the synopsis really drew me in,so when I found out I could request an ARC on Netgalley I went for the chance. Thankfully I was given an ARC and had a chance to read this  heartbreaking story about young adult, living life, friendships, going to high school, and making tough choices.

This book was excellent and I really dig all the characters and there characterization.Jack was just trying to find himself and figure life out.. He was a pretty chill character and like I said Burro Hills is heartbreak sweet. Ugh that ending bahh all the feels we had. The romance aspect of the book was great, I liked how both Conner and Jack were messed up but neither guy set out to try and fix or save the other.

Ahhh!!!That cover is lovely as hell. I really dig the color choice for it and the picture in general.
I totally recommend everyone give this book a chance, because the writing is awesome, the story is captivating and never loses its focus.The book is basically about a boy finding out who he is and how to be okay it, but with drugs, challenges and shit happening all around him, his friends and family.I will probably end up rereading this at some point.4/5

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