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Armchair BEA! Day 4: Non-fiction

Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun.
Today the topic for discussion is g non-fiction books.This includes things like autobiographies/biographies,books on history to travel books and other thing that I'm probably missing.So i'm not really big a huge fan of non-fictionbut on ocassion I do enjoy reading a good non-fic book.So I'm going to share the two of last  non-fiction books I've read and two that I want to read..Enjoy! :)

The Girl`Who Loved the Sswastika Maria Anne

You can read about Maria Anne Hirschmann's amazing life in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, her blind devotion to Hitler and the atheistic Nazi system. Her story will take you through the horror of World War II, her escape from the Communists, her chance at romance, and the reawakening of her love for Jesus Christ. See the United States with Maria's eyes when she immigrates to this country with her small family. Through it all, you will see the hand of God. This commemorative edition includes a new chapter updating Hansi's life as well as photos not included in the first editions. Go with her to Belarus as she finds a new calling from God.

I picked this book up and borrowed it from a friend on a whim and as soon as i started reading it I couldn't put it down.I have always found Nazi history interesting.I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

GI Jews Deborah dash Moore

Whether they came from Sioux Falls or the Bronx, over half a million Jews entered the U.S. armed forces during the Second World War. Uprooted from their working- and middle-class neighborhoods, they joined every branch of the military and saw action on all fronts. Deborah Dash Moore offers an unprecedented view of the struggles these GI Jews faced, having to battle not only the enemy but also the prejudices of their fellow soldiers.
Through memoirs, oral histories, and letters, Moore charts the lives of fifteen young Jewish men as they faced military service and tried to make sense of its demands. From confronting pork chops to enduring front-line combat, from the temporary solace of Jewish worship to harrowing encounters with death camp survivors, we come to understand how these soldiers wrestled with what it meant to be an American and a Jew.
This books was assigned for class and I didn't think I'd like it but I really enjoyed it and leaning about what Jewish soldiers went though at that time.

On The Road Jack Kerouac
On the Road chronicles Jack Kerouac's years traveling the North American continent with his friend Neal Cassady, "a sideburned hero of the snowy West." As "Sal Paradise" and "Dean Moriarty," the two roam the country in a quest for self-knowledge and experience. Kerouac's love of America, his compassion for humanity, and his sense of language as jazz combine to make On the Road an inspirational work of lasting importance.

So I have yet to read this book it's just hanging out on my book shelf and honestly I'm not really sure sure if this is non-fiction.Is it?Or not?

An eloquent memoir of a young man's life transformed by literature.
In A Jane Austen Education, Austen scholar William Deresiewicz turns to the author's novels to reveal the remarkable life lessons hidden within. With humor and candor, Deresiewicz employs his own experiences to demonstrate the enduring power of Austen's teachings. Progressing from his days as an immature student to a happily married man, Deresiewicz's A Jane Austen Education is the story of one man's discovery of the world outside himself.

If you have checked out my Classics post you know I have yet to read any thing by Austen so I think after I've read a few of her books this would be a great book to read.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday(30)

 Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for...


Author: Marni Bates
Realease Date:
August 1,2013
Jane Smith has survived three years of high school without making a single enemy, all by keeping a low profile. Not even her three best friends, Kenzie, Corey and Isobel, can say the same. But with Corey dating the lead singer from ReadySet and Kenzie in a relationship too, being invisible tends to be lonely. 
But now she's written an article for her school newspaper that has accidentally snagged the attention of some celebrities. Turns out, people get really upset when their innermost secrets are splashed all over the front page. And new her well-ordered life is being blasted to hell, with results that are wildly unexpected

I adored Awkward and can't wait to get my hand on this book.
So that's what I'm waiting.How about you?  Leave a link and let me know. :) 

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Armchair BEA Day 1 :Classics!

Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun. I really wish I was in NYC with my fellow bloggers who are attending BEA (Book Expo America), but sadly I can't. It all good though I’m more than happy to be a part of Armchair BEA! Over the next few days I will be joining in with this event and their daily blog post topic suggestions.

 So as an English major you'd think that I've read a lot of classics and as a self proclaimed book nerd you'd come to the assumption that I've thoroughly enjoyed the classics I've read..Right? Well in a way you'd be slightly wrong.I've read the classics assigned for class and a few picked on my own but honestly it's not my thing.*Gasp* I know some may say blasphemy but it's true.Now I'm not trash talking the classics because I do enjoy the old school books on occasion  it's a once in a blue moon type of thing.

There are so many classic books that I think I would enjoy I just have yet to sit down and read them.I've seen so many Jane Austen adaptions but I have yet to read any thing by her.Tragic I know..Just like how I've seen many Jane Austan adaptions I've seen many adaptions about the character Sherlock and feel like the books/short stories would be an excellent read.

What are your favorite classics?
If  I had to pick a favorite it would be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Is this even considered a classic? Also I'd say almost all things Shakespeare Hamlet is my favorite from him.
If you could give a list of classics to someone who claims to hate them to make them change their mind, what would be on it?
 If I could give a list of classics to some one who claims to hate them I'd include any thing by Shakespeare.The Great Gatsby,The Scarlet Letter.Les Miserables,The Alchemist,Tom Sawyer,
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.I could come up with a few more but  these are the ones i really liked.

How would you convince them to give classics a try?
I'd ask them why the didn't like it and after we discussed it I'd tell them the story of when i read Les Miserables for the first time.I read it in the 7th grade and since it was required reading I skimmed alot and half read the book pretty much just enough to pass.At that point I wasn't big on reading so called old school books.Fast forward to me in high school when I had to read it again and guess what I loved that book.After I gave it a fair shot I realized what a great book it was.

So basically the advice I'd give is just to keep your options open.Just because you read a classic in school and disliked it that doesnt mean you should give it another go.Yeah not all stories turn out like mine sometimes you'll read a book and just not like it.If you don't like one classic don't let it turn you away from all the othe options out there.

The Best American NonRequired Reading 2012

So I'm at the local library and while trolling the stacks I stumbled upon The Best American NonRequired Reading 2012 edited by Dave Eggers,Introduction by Ray Bradbury.I have to say that so far I enjoy this book.The introduction is what really drew me in after the title and cover of course.The few brief pages of the introduction will reminded any one of their love for books.

As I mention I just picked this book of the self so I've barley read what it has to offer.As of right now I'm captivated by this book.As I read on will I still be captivated??Who know.Maybe I'll enjoy every page or maybe I'll dislike a huge chuck of it but regardless of how i'll feel at the end of reading The Best American NonRequired Reading 2012 i'm glad that i've come across this book.

 The Best American series is the premier annual showcase for the country’s finest short fiction and nonfiction. Each volume’s series editor selects notable works from hundreds of magazines, journals, and websites. A special guest editor, a leading writer in the field, then chooses the best twenty or so pieces to publish. This unique system has made the Best American series the most respected — and most popular — of its kind.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012 includes

Kevin Brockmeier, Judy Budnitz, Junot Díaz, Louise Erdrich,
Nora Krug, Julie Otsuka, Eric Puchner, George Saunders,
Adrian Tomine, Jess Walter, and others


 If you've ever be captivated right of the bat by a book comment below 
and let me know what book it was.

Armchair BEA Day 1: Introductions

Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun. I really wish I was in NYC with my fellow bloggers who are attending BEA (Book Expo America), but sadly I can't. It all good though I’m more than happy to be a part of Armchair BEA!

1.Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? 
Hello There fellow blogger and oddball book enthusiasts My name is Melissa,I'm 20 years old and Ive been blogging sporadically since June 2011. I started blogging because of a Blog called The Book Butterfly(The site is now down) I constantly read the post and looked forward to new ones being put up.After being introduced to that blog I started looking at more and more.Eventually I got the idea into my head that creating a blog would be fun.(SN: It definitely is.)
The first blog I started was a personal one on that I posted up poems I created and things like that.After awhile though  I started the Book blog  and the rest, as they say, is history. :)

2.Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location. Feel free to share pictures. 
I'm blogging from the south east-side in Chicago and as of this moment my puggle is on my lap being a pest.It raining and my Labrador is freaking out trying to hind behind the couch even though he's obviously too big.Something special about my location is that it almost takes a 12 step program to tell people where I live.

3.If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?  
Alright so if I could have dinner with any author it would be J.K Rowling and I would Politely hound her about all things Harry Potter and her life.
If I had to pick a fictional character to have dinner with it would be Magnus Bane from all the shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare.. He seems like he'd be a fun time and since he's immortal have tons of stories to share.

4.Have you previously participated in Armchair BEA? What brought you back for another year? If you have not previously participated, what drew you to the event?
No,I have never participated in Armchair BEA and I honestly just found out about it a few hours ago. I decided to participated because of slight BEA envy and I wanted to become more connected out in the blogger community.From what i've seen bloggers are a friendly bunch.

5.Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.
In case you haven't guessed it already I'm a huge dog lover.I have three and each one is like my furry baby.Also I'm partially named after the actress from the little house on the prairie "Melissa Gilbert" My dads name is also Gilbert.

Top Ten Tuesday:Freebie (16)

Check out how Top Ten Tuesday works & the future schedule of topics HERE.The Top Ten Tuesday, is hosted by the ever-fabulous The Broke and the Bookish   This  meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Tuesday Freebie 

So since this weeks Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie I decided to do  Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes

1. “If there is one thing worse than self-pity, it was other people's pity.”
C.J. Duggan, The Boys of Summer

2. “Whatever I decide, I might be making a mistake. But if I'm going to make a mistake I want it to be passionate”
Nina LaCour, The Disenchantments 
I adore this quote because it ring  true. Things change and sometimes you can't help but make mistakes.Sometimes they can have a huge effect on you and other times not so much.It doesn't matter if you make mistakes,it matter if that mistake is wondefully awful and you learn from it.

3.“Luke used to give me butterflies. Noah spawned mutant pterodactyls.”
Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits  

4.“She will not be simple and sweet.
She will not be what people tell her she should be.”
E. Lockhart, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks 
Living up too other peoples expectation is tough but trying to exceed peoples expectation is pretty tough too trust me.

5.“You get close to people.You get farther from them.You learn how much you love them, and then you say good-bye believing that you will be together again, someday, when your lives curve back into one another’s." -The Disenchantments  

6. “There are bad people in the world: Murderers and psychopaths and telemarketers who won't take no for an answer.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Raised by Wolves

7.“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines
John Green is definitely one of my favorite authors.

8. "I killed him, I thought numbly. I killed him with my awkwardness!"
Marni Bates,Awkward 
This quote petty much sums up the book.Awkward was a hilarious read.

9."Tomorrow will be better.” “But what if it’s not?” I asked. “Then you say it again tomorrow. Because it might be. You never know, right? At some point, tomorrow will be better."
 Morgan Matson Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

 10.‎"The simple truth is that you can understand a town. You can know and love and hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes. In the end, you're just another part of it.”
Brenna Yovanoff,The Replacement
If you have ever lived in a small town you can relate to this.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Breaking Up is Easy To Do

 Breaking up is easy to do it's getting over someone that can be tough.

All day Ive been listening to music working on a paper and I keep going back to the song Crossroads (I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious) by Forever the Sickest Kids. I've literally just sat here with that song on repeat for the longest so I decided to write a post relating to it.

People do crazy things after a breaking up some girls(and guys) cut off all their hairs,some write long winded letters they never send(a few actually send the letters),and some go temporarily crazy. No matter what you do this books will distract you a little bit and hell maybe give you ideas on how to move on. ; )

Title:Why We Broke Up
Author:Daniel Handler
I'm telling you why we broke up, Ed. I'm writing it in this letter, the whole truth of why it happened.

Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up, so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box. Inside the box is why they broke up. Two bottle caps, a movie ticket, a folded note, a box of matches, a protractor, books, a toy truck, a pair of ugly earrings, a comb from a motel room, and every other item collected over the course of a giddy, intimate, heartbreaking relationship. Item after item is illustrated and accounted for, and then the box, like a girlfriend, will be dumped.

Great book it was such a honest sweet read.Why We Broke up was quirky,sweet and at certain parts made me cry.5/5 At some point i'll write an actual review.Promise.

 Title:instructions for a broken heart
Author:Kim Culbertson
Three days before her drama club's trip to Italy, Jessa Gardner discovers her boyfriend in the costume barn with another girl. Jessa is left with a care package from her best friend titled "Top Twenty Reasons He's a Slimy Jerk Bastard," instructing her to do one un-Jessa-like thing each day of the trip. At turns hilarious and heartwrenching, Instructions for a Broken Heart paints a magical Italy in which Jessa learns she must figure out life-and romance-for herself.

What better way to get over you cheating ex than going to Italy and checking out the culture & maybe the guys.Just finished reading this a few days ago and would highly recommend this book.

Title: Over You
Authors: Emma Mclaughlin & Nicola Kraus
After the grand explosion of her relationship, seventeen-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible: get over him once and for all.

 I have yet to read this book but I hear good things.

I get your point,
We're better friends than lovers,
I get it, I got it, I guess that we're moving on,
And if I had a chance, I'd do it all over

 Crossroads Forever the Sickest Kids.
So here's the song that inspired this short little list.Enjoy
Please leave a comment below with you favorite breakup related books!

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Waiting on Wednesday(29)

 Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for...

Author: Nancy Werlin
Realease Date:
September 13,,2013
Fenella was the first Scarborough girl to be cursed, hundreds of years ago, and she has been trapped in the faerie realm ever since, forced to watch generations of daughters try to break this same faerie curse that has enslaved them all. But now Fenella’s descendant, Lucy, has accomplished the impossible and broken the curse, so why is Fenella still trapped in Faerie?

In her desperation, Fenella makes a deal with the faerie queen: If she can accomplish three acts of destruction, she will be free, at last, to die.  What she doesn't realize is that these acts must be aimed at her own family and if she fails, the consequences will be dire, for all of the Scarborough girls.

How can she possibly choose to hurt her own cherished family not to mention the new man whom she’s surprised to find herself falling in love with? But if she doesn’t go through wit
h the tasks, how will she manage to save her dear ones?

  Unthinkable is the sequel to Impossible which came out in 2008.So it's been awhile and I absolutely can't wait to read about Fenella.

So that's what I'm waiting.How about you?  Leave a link and let me know. :) 

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Top Ten Favorite Covers of Books I've Read.(15)

Check out how Top Ten Tuesday works & the future schedule of topics HERE.The Top Ten Tuesday, is hosted by the ever-fabulous The Broke and the Bookish   This  meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Favorite Covers of Books I've Read 

Okay so everyone has probably heard the time old saying "you should never judge a book by it's cover" but if you're being honest with your self you know you do that exact thing.I do this more often than not.

So that's my Top Ten Favorite Covers of Books I've Read. Picked solely because I found them pretty to look at& i'm glad I did because I enjoyed reading these books as well as looking at them.

Leave a comment and I'll check out you Top Ten!!

  Two Way Street Lauren Barnholdt
Under The Bridge Michael Harmon
Crewel Gennifer Albin
Five Flavors of Dumb Antony John
Awkward Marni Bates
Blaze Boyle Crompton
Better Than Running at Night  Hillary Frank
DUFF Kody keplinger
Dreamland Social Club Tara Altebrando
The Disenchantment Nina lacour


Thursday, May 9, 2013


 Title: Blaze (Or Love In The Time Of SuperVillans)
Author:Laurie Boyle Crompton

Blaze is tired of spending her life on the sidelines, drawing comics and feeling invisible. She's desperate for soccer star Mark to notice her. And when her BFF texts Mark a photo of Blaze in sexy lingerie, it definitely gets his attention. After a hot date in the back of her minivan, Blaze is flying high, but suddenly Mark's feelings seem to have been blasted by a freeze-ray gun, and he dumps her. 

Blaze gets her revenge by posting a comic strip featuring uber-villain Mark the Shark. Mark then retaliates by posting her "sext" photo, and, overnight, Blaze goes from Super Virgin Girl to Super Slut. That life on the sidelines is looking pretty good right about now...


Alright so I really wanted to like this book When I first heard about it I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, I wanted to love it... A book about a Nerdy girl named Blaze who's a comic fanatic it sounds awesome right?? Well wrong kinda..Don't think I'm trashing this book I'm not I just couldn't really get into it.I really enjoyed all the comic book references though even if I'm not into comics my self.Going to a comic con sounds like a blast.

Blaze was snarky,witty and a complete nerd but her pining for Mark bothered me. Blaze makes about a bunch of bad decisions (such as ignoring the warnings of her younger brother about Mark and his womanizing.At the end of the day though comes out on the other side with her head held up high.With the help of her little brother and friends.They where some of my favorites characters in the book.Along with the cute geeky guy who works at the comic store.

The cover is absolute amazing and eye catching as is sure to lure people to Blaze.
 Blaze is light and full of nerd joy while high on spunk.But it just didn't quite cut it for me.I still would recommend it, though. I think others might enjoy it a lot more than I did.2/5

So that's what I think about Blaze,What do you think?? 
I'd appreciate the comments thanks. :) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Theme of the day:Rock Bands

 I haven't done a theme of the day in a while and i just finished with these books not to long ago.
Today's Theme of the Day:Is Rock Bands
Title:Rocked Under
Author:Cora Hawks
Nineteen year-old Emma Harrington’s number one rule is; Never give your heart away to a man, no matter what. That lesson was learned early on in her life and she will never forget it.

Starting over in the USA, Emma starts college with her cousin, Ashley. She is finally free to do and live how she wants and no man will ever rule her decisions or emotions again.

That is until Scott Mason walks on stage…

Intense, bad boy Scott is the lead singer in a local and popular rock band. Ladies man and Ashley’s longtime friend, Emma is instantly drawn to him, even though he is everything she hates and needs to stay away from in a guy. He treats females like he does a cigarette; light it, use it, and lose it.

For her cousin’s sake, she makes an effort to get along with Scott. She soon discovers that there is more to Scott which makes him even more dangerous in her eyes. Underneath the façade of friendship; jealousy, obsession, fear and insecurities, fester and battle it out as she fights her attraction and history from repeating itself.One thing she knows for sure is that if she breaks her rule, it may destroy her.

 Warning: Contains mature content — recommended age 17+.

Cover: The cover model absoluty screams bad boy rocker which fits with Scots image

My Thoughts:This wasn't my usual type of read but it was enjoyable none the less.Some time i like a book about a bad boy falling head over for his girl, this book was just that and I was sold.... Things you'll find while reading  Loads of  Angst.Check  Hot man whore lead singer.Check. Infuriating couple who can't get it together.Check Sexual tension - check *swoon* S i know i this is not the best review but don't let that stop you from checking it out.You won't regret it.3/5

Title:Rocked Under
Author:Jean Haus When family problems push Riley Middleton into giving up a percussion scholarship in another state and attending college from home, her friends push her to try out for a local rock band. Of course, Riley makes the band. She rules at the drums.

Riley soon finds out rock bands have a different dynamic than marching bands, especially when each of her male band mates has a major ego and is a major player. Two of them relentlessly flirt with her. The other—a dark, sexy rock god she can’t help being attracted to— is a total jerk and pushes her to quit. She becomes determined to ignore his rudeness and his hotness. Even if she was interested in jerks, a hook up would probably get her booted out of the ego-ridden band, and playing keeps her sane. Behind the drums, the world and its troubles evaporate.

If she wants to stay in the band, Riley needs to ignore the growing sparks between her and her band enemy. But as she gets to know the man behind the stage persona, ignoring him proves to be more difficult than flowing through a time sig shift.

The Cover:Maybe it's just me but i didn't like the cover.I would have found it awesome if it had a female drummer on the cover since that's not something you see on a book cover very often or ever really....
My thoughts : Riley Middleton has given up a percussion scholarship out of state, made the choice to attend the local college while living at home, and pretty much singlehandedly runs the household. Romeo is the bad boy guitarist who surprise surprise has a heart of gold.I adore Riley and Romeo  together they have so much chemistry and sexual tension and are two interesting characters.This book was hit or miss for me but towards the middle i changed my mine.So give it a shot maybe you might like it too. 2/5

Waiting on Wednesday(28)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for...

Author: Sarah Lee Brennan
Realease Date:
August 29,2013
Simon & Schuster UK
 Free from bonds, but not each other

It’s time to choose sides… On the surface, Sorry-in-the-Vale is a sleepy English town. But Kami Glass knows the truth. Sorry-in-the-Vale is full of magic. In the old days, the Lynburn family ruled with fear, terrifying the people into submission in order to kill for blood and power. Now the Lynburns are back, and Rob Lynburn is gathering sorcerers so that the town can return to the old ways.

But Rob and his followers aren’t the only sorcerers in town. A decision must be made: pay the blood sacrifice, or fight. For Kami, this means more than just choosing between good and evil. With her link to Jared Lynburn severed, she’s now free to love anyone she chooses. But who should that be?

Sarah Brennan's  mind is probably a lovely and slightly twisted place and I adore her for that.
Untold will most likely play with my emotions just like Unspoken and I can't wait!!
So that's what I'm waiting.How about you? 
Leave a link and let me know. :) 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Four Summers

 Title:Four Summers
Author: Nyrae Dawn

Charlotte Gates is tired of being Charlie Rae. She loves the lake she was raised on, their rental cabins, and spending her nights under the stars…but inside she yearns for more.

After his freshman year, Nathaniel Chase’s family spends their first summer at The Village. From the beginning Charlotte intrigues him. She’s the girl who always says what’s on her mind, wins at night games, and each time she looks through her telescope, gets lost in the sky.

Over the course of four summers together, Charlotte and Nathaniel become best friends, share firsts, mend broken hearts, protect each other’s secrets, overcome tragedies…fall in love. And say goodbye…

Charlie wants out of The Village. Nate wants her to have her stars. And they dream of being able to do it all together. But life isn’t as easy as their summers.

Each summer is told in alternating points of view between Charlie and Nate. Journey with the pair, and their friends, as they share their story about growing up, discovering who they are, making tough choices, and falling in love again and again

”We’ve grown and changed, screwed up, but at the beginning of each summer, we found each other again. Or maybe we never really lost each other.”

I feel like the quote above pretty much sums up the feel of the book pretty well.The story revolves around 
Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie who  lives at her family run resort the Village. She dreams of the stars and life outside of what she knows,she wants to be free.Then there's Nathaniel  who Charlie sees initially as just another summer boy he and his family stay at the resort. They develop a friendship and establishes a bond along each summer of this book. 

I'm a fan of Nyrae Dawn and read her other books but I have to say this book was one of my favorite of what she's written.The over all friendship/romance was sweet and steady.While reading you can't help but get sucked it to the story.Charlie character was kind caring and at time a little to self sacrificeing for my taste but I adored her and this book.Nates character drew me in as well especially as when we got to read the story from his point of view.

The cover to me fits perfectly with the story and gave of that easy going summer vibe.I didn't real have a problem with Four Summers I only wish for a more explanatory epilogue.At the same time though I think that maybe it's better that we didn't get one maybe if we did the sense of wonder would be lost..but thats just my opion.To come up with your own go check out the book.4/5

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday(27)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for...

Title:The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten)
Realease Date:
October 29 2013
Harlequin Teen 
After his unexpected journey into the lands of the fey, Ethan Chase just wants to get back to normal. Well, as "normal" as you can be when you see faeries every day of your life. Suddenly the former loner with the bad reputation has someone to try for-his girlfriend, Kenzie. Never mind that he's forbidden to see her again.

But when your name is Ethan Chase and your sister is one of the most powerful faeries in the Nevernever, "normal" simply isn't to be. For Ethan's nephew, Keirran, is missing, and may be on the verge of doing something unthinkable in the name of saving his own love. Something that will fracture the human and faery worlds forever, and give rise to the dangerous fey known as the Forgotten. As Ethan's and Keirran's fates entwine and Keirran slips further into darkness, Ethan's next choice may decide the fate of them all.

Words can barley describe how excited I am for this book to come out!!!I also cannot stress how reading The Iron Prophecy makes me wary of this book and the out come.
 So that's what I'm waiting.So how about you? Leave a link and let me know. :) 

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