Saturday, January 19, 2013

Author Interview-Lola St.Vil

Author Interview
 Lola St.Vil is a Haitian born actress and writer. She lives in Hollywood with her husband, eats too much ice cream and loves being stalked online by readers: )
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1. Did you always want to become an author?
When I first came to America I was teased a lot so books became my escape. When I realized I could make up my own story, I wanted to be writer from that day on. I think I was about 13.
2. Did you put any of your personality traits into your characters?
I think if I did, it would be the two that seem least alike. I sometimes doubt myself a lot like Emmy. And I also can be very black or white about things Like Ameana.
3. If you could spend a day with any fictional character from either a movie or a book who would it be and Why?
 I would spend the day with any Agathia Christie detective. I love murder mysteries and
4. What gave you the ideas for the powers seen in the book?
I had no idea what thier powers were before they "told" me. I find the best thing about this series is that I have no idea what happens next. I usually find out after its on the page.
5. Real books or a E-Reader (Kindle,Nextbook,etc)
Real books. I like the feel of paper:)
6. Can you give any hints about whats next for the characters in the Guardian series?
 Their lives get more complicated. The mission gets far more dangerous. And not everyone makes it...

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