Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just For Now

Title: Just for Now

Author:Abbi Glines

 The day Preston Drake figured out that wealthy women paid well for a set of tight abs and a pretty face his life turned around.

The run down rat-infested trailer he had shared with his alcoholic mother and three younger siblings was now only a place he visited to pay the bills and stock the pantry with food.

He no longer worried about his family starving or living without electricity. The money he made entertaining rich older women more than covered his family’s needs and his own. He had it all figured out. Except…There was this girl.She was as innocent as he was tainted.

Amanda Hardy wished her knees didn’t get weak when Preston walked into a room. She hated the fact her heart raced when he flashed his smile in her direction. He had a different girl in his bed every night. He was the kind of boy a smart girl ran from. So, why was she coming up with ways to get close to him? Even when it was obvious he wanted to keep her at a distance.

Maybe her heart knew something the world didn’t. Maybe Preston Drake was more than just a pretty face

So I’m a big fan of the Sea Breeze series but Just For Now fell flat for me. The series starts sweet with Breathe then started getting slightly cliche-after Because of Low- in a bad way. If the Sea Breeze series has a formula then this is it...Boy meets Girl. They fall in love. One person is reluctant to the relationship.Passionate Kiss or Sex. Person gets over reluctance. Shocking Twist.Angst.Issue Resolved.Sex.

We read about Sadie and Jax,Marcus and Low,then Cage and Eva. Now we get to see the story about Preston and Amanda. Preston Blake is a ladies man plain and simple kinda like Cage York but minus the bad boy edge.He is known for one night stands but is  also a wonderful brother, a loyal friend and athlete who lives a hard hard life. He also hides a pretty big secret. Amanda Hardy is Marcus's little sister she's kind and sweet she also happen to have a huge crush on Preston her brothers best friend.
In Just for Now they get together and try to figure out exactly what love is and what it means for them to together.The story was pretty good but at time Amanda seemed a bit to naive this may not be my favorite story in the series but it's pretty good.The charecters were all well thought out and realistic and I pretty much love Rock and Tris because of Just for Now.I'm no going to lie it would be interesting to find out Rock's back-story.

I like the cover and to me it fit the book and story pretty well.I will definitely continue on with the Sea Breeze Series and I hope the next book is about Jessie and Jax's younger brother. The first two books seemed to be about the guy getting the shy girl with family issues. Then the next two focused on bad boys so it will be cool if a Bad girl got a chance to shine plus Jason Stone seemed sweet. Just for Now may not be my favorite Sea Breeze novel but it had it's moments. 2/5

 “Hearts don’t realize they’ve been lied to. They still love anyway.”

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