Monday, January 14, 2013

Brief Rant

So this may or may not be a pointless post but i decided to do it any way.After reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver i become a fan of the author so i was super excited when she came out with Delirium The last book  Requiem of the Delirium trilogy is coming out in March and guess what i won an ARC of it from HarperTeen because of the #DeliriaSlogan contest on twitter.

 So it may seem like i'm bragging but i never win any thing this is the second time i ever won anything awesome(Last time it was Warped Tour Tickets) so that pretty much why i made this post.Like i wrote this post is pretty much pointless.So if any one is  actually reading this(Or is actually reading my Blog) then thanks your awesome!!!! So now that I'm done ranting enjoy the video and song End of the Road by Mgk featuring Mat Musto My favorite song at the moment...
 XOXO Melissa.


Comment with something awesome that you recently won or the name of you 
favorite song at the moment.

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