Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Once Was One

Title:What Once Was One (Hellsfire, Book 2)
Author: Marc Johnson
Publisher: Longshot Publishing

In the land of Northern Shala, the dark wizard Premier raised an army of foul creatures from the Wastelands and led them against the ancient guardian city of Alexandria. Hellsfire, a young farmhand turned apprentice wizard, defeated Premier and saved Alexandria, but not before the battle claimed his mentor’s life.

Hellsfire, now a full-fledged wizard, must finish what he started by hunting down Premier and seizing the source of the wizard’s dark power and corruption—the Book of Shazul. He must travel deep into the Wastelands, through Premier’s home territory, dodging the scattered remnants of a defeated army lusting for blood and vengeance.

But beating in the heart of the Wastelands is an ancient power more dangerous than Premier or his creatures—and it’s been waiting for Hellsfire for a thousand years. It will force the young wizard to make a devastating choice—one that could change the course of history not only for Alexandria and the Wastelands, but for all of Northern Shala and the lands beyond. And to save his homeland, Hellsfire may have to lose the person he loves the most.

 What once was one, will then be two, and never again be whole...

What Once Was One is a interesting book to read it's just as intriguing as the first book was.The story is full of action and adventure as well as a bit of romance.In  the first book we were introduced to Hellsfire and watched him learn to become a wizard and grow as a person making good friends along the way. In this second book Hellsfire is a full fledged wizard with way more power than he knows what to do with sometimes.

Dealing with the aftermath of going up against the dark wizard Premier and losing his mentor Hellsfire is staying at Alexandria There he has to deal with everyone's unease with having a wizard around.He also partakes in a  not so secret relationship with my favorite Princess Krystal shes a girl who can fight,use a sword like a pro and fights for her people.In What Once Was One Hellsfire and the gang go out on a brand new epic adventure dealing with creepy castles,old and new foes,new allies and a curse separating possible true love.

 The cover for this book like the first is simple an ties in with the story but honestly it's a bit creepy to look at for long.I enjoyed reading the first book despite my hesitation at first because its not the usual type of book I read but I glad I did.With that said all in all a What Once Was One is a pretty good sequel. I'm looking forward to reading the next one to see what will happen. 3/5

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