Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book(34)

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Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Melissa's Top Five
  1. Erotica I will read NA which get a bit risque but hard core erotica is a no go for me...50 Shades of I'll pass every time
  2. Horror/Suspense Nope I have trouble watching scary movies and it's the same with books
  3. Crazy amount of POV's Multiple POV's in books can be amazing, if only they are clear, distinguishable and written in the same narrative. I like the POV's to be in different chapters, that is the clearest. If at a certain moment I don't know who's speaking anymore, the whole story will get confusing.
  4. Adult/Teen love I've tried but I just can't get into a story with a teacher/student date.Or when a young teenage girls is dating/a much older guy.It is so cringe worthy to me..I hate how this is a common troupe!! So I hardly ever see books where a much older women is with a young teenage boy....Why is that??
  5. Mani Pixe Dream I don't mind this so much it's the hard core manic pixie dream girl books that annoy the hell out of me.
Jessica's Top Five

  1. Rape I just can't, like it's real do not romanticizes 
  2. Erotica Just not...,"take me on the stairs" Like bro chill
  3. Bad Girl I hate the bad girl troupe who just needs to be saved by a dick...-_-
  4. Controlling/Macho Man Like  he just has to have this women. "You belong to me' Wtf How about no.
  5. Historical Romance "He had flowing hair,open shirt,chest hair to ankles...He has wanted her since she was 15..."It's weird like ugh no.

So there you go,that's our  list of Top Ten Things Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book
Comment and post a link of yours.:)

There are exceptions to every rule so there is a very good chance I could love books about any of these things! Let me know of any suggestions for books you think I shouldn't miss out on based on my list.

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