Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rant on Ratings Bloggers Give When Reviewing a Book

Recently I have been checking out other book bloggers and one blog in particular has made me start thinking about how bloggers review books. I use a five star rating but for the most part I hardly ever put up a post where i give a book a 2/5 or below. Have I read books that I thought were trash,yeah it has happened.Have I started a book only to give up 3 or five chapters in,yeah definitely.Have I picked up a book only to realize it features problematic content that I can't get behind,Yeah absolutely. What I'm trying to get at is that yeah I've read books that I wasn't a fan of at all.I could have churned out a blog post rating on how those books sucked and then put it online and tagged the author but honestly to me that's not cool.

I think there's a very fine line between bashing an author in a really unkind way and simple stating that you read a book and didn't really like said bookNow I get it freedom of option rocks.The fact that others bloggers and I can express how we feel about the books we read online is great.The downside of the internet is that you can say all this mean and nasty stuff to people with little consequence.It goes the same  for authors. I've seen reviewers give not so stellar reviews and then you have the author talking trash on Goodreads or the person blog.

Anyway what i'm getting at in a very round about way is that yeah reviewing a book is subjective and it bothers me when a review is harshly dragging a book and author though the mud.It also ridiculousness when an author attacks a review for their opinion. I'm not saying both parties should hold back on their opinion just think both parties should just chill on the harshness, 

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