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Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon
by Linda Rae Sande
Genre: Fantasy

Love can last a thousand lifetimes when you’re an Immortal... or so they thought.

What’s become of the Immortal Darius? His wife, Stella, worries about his fate as she rules over their city-state of Deminon, especially when she learns he’s been the victim of treachery. She’ll do anything to get him back. 

Enslaved as a traitor to Rome, Darius is forced to fight gladiators as part of the funeral rites of powerful Romans. His years of experience on the battlefield serve him well in the arena—until he’s forced to fight Marcus—a younger, stronger gladiator who is unaware of his own immortality. 

Sure he’s about to suffer a defeat by the hand of Marcus, Darius is forced to make a decision that will change his future and Stella’s—preserve his essence by allowing his body to die so that he can live on in Marcus. His two-thousand years of memories and life experiences should be powerful enough to overcome the essence of the untested Immortal. Allow him to return to Stella and resume their life together, even if she won’t immediately recognize him. 

But Marcus isn’t giving up so easily. Especially when he meets Stella. 

Will Marcus help Darius take revenge on the one whose deceit led to his arrest on charges of treason? Or will Darius’ essence slowly be subsumed, the memories of his nearly two-thousand-year lifespan—and of Stella—fading away in the mind of Marcus? 

These Immortals once had all the time in the world. Now it’s suddenly of the essence. 

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Marcus awoke with a start a few minutes later, a slight breeze cooling his sleep-warm
body. Turning over, he discovered the door he had used to escape the bedchamber the night
before was still open. He glanced at the slumbering Stella, and thought for a moment to simply remain in the comfortable bed, in the event she wished for his cock again. He would freely provide it. She had given in equal measure what he had given her, their mutual ecstasy an event he would gladly experience again. Never had he felt so satiated after a night with a woman.

Even his own wife.

Her words of earlier that morning had him wondering if he had agreed to her
suggestion—that he marry her and become King of Deminon. He couldn’t remember if he had said anything in response, or if had simply taken the body she offered.
Marcus knew she didn’t want him, exactly, but rather the being with whom he shared his
head. He supposed he couldn’t blame her. Having watched a parade of images, a stream of
memories from the other Immortal’s past, Marcus understood why it was she was so beholden to Darius.

Why Darius was so beholden to her.

She loved him. Had loved him for all of eternity. Or at least since she had been plucked out
of that olive tree on Thera all those years ago.
And she would continue to love him until the end of Time. Of that, he was quite sure.
But he is not me, Marcus thought, deciding he really needed to close the door.
For the first time that morning, the other being in his head—Darius, he now knew was the
being’s name—put forth a thought.

I am you, and you are me.

Another gust of wind made its way into the bedchamber, as if to reinforce the words.

A self-described nerd and lover of science, Linda Rae spent many years as a published technical writer specializing in 3D graphics workstations, software and 3D animation (her movie credits include SHREK and SHREK 2). An interest in genealogy led to years of research on the Regency era and a desire to write fiction based in that time.

A fan of action-adventure movies, she can frequently be found at the local cinema. Although she no longer has any fish, she follows the San Jose Sharks. She is a member of Novelists, Inc. (NINC) and makes her home in Cody, Wyoming. 

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