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Mafia Boss
The Accidental Mafia Queen Book 1
by Khardine Gray 
Genre: Contemporary Mafia Romance 

From USA Today Bestselling author Khardine Gray comes a sexy, delightfully devilish, seductive Mafia Romance series. Enter the alluring world of the ruthless and the dangerous with book one.


Better to be at the right hand of the devil than in his path... 
When you come from a crime family, you have a name to live up to. 
My enemies know I'm a bastard who shows no mercy—exactly the cold-hearted don my father would want me to be. Except we're not the ones in charge. Yet... 
The Boss wants me to take over his billion-dollar business, and the only way that's happening is if I can win the heart of his cop daughter. 
I planned to treat her just like all the other women who meant nothing to me, until I met her and everything changed. 
Money and Power. That was all this was supposed to be about... Falling in love wasn't part of the plan. 
Neither was finding out that her father has a hidden agenda, and I'm just a pawn in his game. 


Running away again. That was me. 
Always running from something. Running from my past and the terrible, dark, family secrets. 
Running away from myself, from the person I was and who I used to be. 
Now I’m running from my heart. It betrayed me and fell for the devil. 
Luc... A mobster, a criminal. 
The type of man I never wanted to end up with. 
The mobster, the criminal, who called me his goddess and worshiped the ground I walked on. 
I shouldn’t want him...because loving this man would be my worst nightmare. 
Loving this man could destroy me. 
But... I couldn’t resist him... 
I wish I could... 

MAFIA BOSS is The Godfather and The Sopranos with the sexy edge of a drool-worthy Alpha male. Scroll up and one click to start this sizzling hot mafia romance today! 

Mafia Boss is the first book in The Accidental Mafia Queen trilogy. Lucian and Amelia’s intriguing, sexy, story continues in Mafia Scars and completes in Mafia Love. 

Mafia Scars
The Accidental Mafia Queen Book 2

From USA Today Bestselling author Khardine Gray comes a sexy, delightfully devilish, seductive Mafia Romance series. Continue your journey in the alluring world of the ruthless and the dangerous with book two.


I was the devil. The worst kind of man for her. 
I knew the truth would make her hate me. But, I still wanted her to be mine. 
My goddess. 
Damn, I’d never wanted a woman the way I wanted her. 
One simple kiss could scorch my mind clean of everything I knew. That was what she did to me. She took me out of the real world, where I was a mobster and she was a cop. 
I was the imposter who lied to her... 
Her father gave me a task: marry his daughter and get everything. 

Marry the daughter of the mafia king and get everything. The whole billion-dollar fortune. 

Greed made me say yes, and love blinded me to the danger we were in. 

The web of lies I got myself tangled in was the least of my worries because her life was in danger. 
She had a target on her back. 
Blood for blood, that’s the worst kind of mark you can get in my world. 
It means death. Someone has to die... 

I may be the devil and the worst kind of guy for this angel of a woman, but I’ll die trying to save her. 
I will be her savior, and God help those who come for her. 

Mafia Scars is the second book in The Accidental Mafia Queen trilogy. Lucian and Amelia’s intriguing, sexy, story continues in this book and completes in Mafia Love. 

Mafia Love
The Accidental Mafia Queen Book 3

From USA Today Bestselling author Khardine Gray comes a sexy, delightfully devilish, seductive Mafia Romance series. Immerse yourself in the conclusion of the alluring world of the ruthless and the dangerous.


The hour of reckoning was upon us... 
Amelia’s life was in danger. 
Amelia, my goddess. 
The time to watch the situation had long passed. 
Now, it was time to change things up. 
Time for me to change. 
Love made me go soft and allow the image and handle I had on things to slip out of my grasp. 
I needed to find myself. Now more than ever. 
All the secrets were jumping straight out of the closet. Right into the open for all to see. 
We weren’t playing games anymore. 
It was time for war. It was time to become the devil I was. 


No more games, no more lies. 
No more running from the past. 
No more running from who I used to be. 
I knew I would lose my soul when I fell for Luc. 
I was a cop, and he was a mobster. Love lured me to the dark side. 
We could pretend to be whoever we wanted to be, but truth was truth. 
The games were over and right now I couldn’t see past the darkness that waited for me. 

Mafia Love is the final book in The Accidental Mafia Queen trilogy. Scroll up and one click to start this sizzling hot mafia romance today! 

I became a cop because of what had happened to me, and what had happened to my mother.
I knew it must have killed my father to find that one out, but I didn’t care. The day I decided that
was what I wanted to do was the day when it all felt right.

It felt right at the time. It felt like my way of doing something good in this world, for whatever part
I could play. Even if deep down being a cop didn’t feel like the real me.

The only time when it didn’t feel like me was when I was with Luc. I didn’t know if the irony in
that was down to the fact that Luc was a mobster and the universe was trying to give me some
weird messed-up warning, or if maybe it was real.

The man brought out a side of me that I’d buried and didn’t want to acknowledge. He said things
and knew how to reach me, but that could have been my father’s doing. He could have simply
told him all he needed to know about me to charm me out of my dignity.

“It didn’t seem that way. It seemed like you lov—”

“No.” I cut her off before she could finish the word. “No.”

I didn’t want to even thing about that damn word. Love. No, not for me.
Love was an enemy emotion to someone like me who’d lived so much disappointment and had
trust issues. Love opened me up for disaster, and weakness.

What I had to do now was move on, and as far as these people who were after me were
concerned, I had to find some way to eliminate them before anyone else got hurt.
I’d have to look for them myself.

Gigi pressed her lips together in a thin line, then sighed.


The doorbell rang, and I frowned knowing who it was. Gigi frowned too.
Sinclaire had been coming by every damn day since Luc left.
He was the one who’d found out about Luc and raised the alarms about him.
He knew I was pissed off about that. I wasn’t sure if his daily visits were attempts to gain my
forgiveness, or if he was still trying to convince me that I should be with him.

“What are you going to do about him?” Gigi raised a sharp brow.
She didn’t like Sinclaire. Gigi thought he was an arrogant bastard who thought he owned the

“He’s just checking on me.”

“Right, I’m supposed to believe that. The man wants to get in your pants. It’s very obvious. And
no doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word for him.” She twisted her jaw when the bell rang
again and got up. “I’ll get it. Maybe I can fend him off with a curse. I’ll threaten to give him warts
on his dick or something.”

I chuckled at that. Gigi was serious though. True to her Romani heritage, Gigi had followed her
Wiccan traditions and believed in spells and curses.

Mostly, the whole thing annoyed the heck out of me, but sometimes it was entertaining.
Sinclaire, however, didn’t deserve warts on his dick.

I knew he was just doing the right thing, something I couldn’t have done. I was mainly pissed at
him for his motives in doing it.

He saw Luc as his competition and a threat.

Gigi went to answer the door but never came back into the breakfast room to finish off her food.

Sinclaire came in instead with that hopeful look on his face.

“Hi, I came by to see if you needed anything before work,” he began.
Like every other day when I saw him, I felt hurt by what he had done. And my mind saw him as
the person who made Luc go away.

“I don’t need anything. Thanks.” I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked away from him.
He came closer, pulled up Gigi’s chair, and sat down right in front of me. Our knees touched,
and he reached out to take my hand.

I didn’t pull back.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed, holding my gaze
“What are you sorry for?”

“About Luc.” It looked like it pained him to say that.

“What exactly are you sorry for in regard to Luc? The part where seconds after you found out
that he wasn’t really Luc Smith, you went and told Roose? Or is it the part where you didn’t
consider that I could be hurt by what happened? Hurt by the truth.” I pulled my hand away from
his and moved to the kitchen window.

I looked outside to the back garden of my neighbors on the other street.

Sinclaire joined me and placed his hand on my waist, turning me to face him.

“All of it. I just want us to at the very least go back to how we used to be. Can we do that?”

I gazed up into his sea-green eyes. Seeing the wealth of his feelings for me, I didn’t know how I
could agree to that. How we used to be was this.

We were friends, really good friends, but he wanted more.

More than I could give him even before I’d met Luc. And worse now that I had.

Months ago, when Luc first arrived, the day Luc arrived, Sinclaire had been shot. It nearly killed
me when I thought I’d lost him. Another person I would have lost to gun violence.

To say that I felt nothing for him would be a lie, but what I felt was the depth of that friendship
and the extent to which I cared for him.

When he looked at me like he was now, it made me wonder if I was completely crazy. We’d
known each other forever, worked together on the same team for years, trusted each other. I
knew him. Knew he wasn’t a bad person, knew he wasn’t a mobster and would always do the
right thing, no matter what. So why didn’t I want him the way he wanted me?

His eyes dropped from mine to my lips, then to the exposed flesh of my chest, and to my
breasts. That was when he looked back up quickly and planted a kiss on my forehead.
He released the light hold he had on me and backed away, turning to go.

“Yes,” I said just as he was about to go through the door.

He stopped, turned back to me and searched my eyes. “Yes?”

“Yes. I want to move forward.” I wanted to move forward and needed to. For my own sanity.
“Me too. I care about you a lot, and it kills me to have this tension between us. I miss I
miss the way we were before.”

That was one thing I completely agreed with. We had a different sort of friendship. Different to
how I was with Max, my supposed ex-partner.

Max who was still in Florida with his family because my father arranged for him to be there so
Luc could step in and get close to me. What a damn mess. All I knew was Max and his family
were safe and would be staying where they were for the moment. Or perhaps a better way to
put it was, they’d be there until they were told to come home.
It all made me crazy and the tension got worst every day.

Sinclaire was the guy that had kept me sane through all these years. Maybe because there was
some element of us that had gone past friendship and that wasn’t something I shared with Max.

“I miss us too.” I confessed, bringing my hands together and knitting my fingers.

A gentle smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. “So, that means I should have coffee ready
when you get to the office?”

“Yeah.” I managed a smile, but that was all.

He tipped his head and left.
I released the breath I’d been holding and leaned down on the counter.
Images of Luc filled my mind, again. He was always there in my mind. Never far away.


Luc, why can’t I get you out of my head and forget you?
He was so bad for me. A mobster, someone who worked for my father. Someone powerful
enough to take over the family business from the mafia king.
He was someone I needed to forget.

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing and ice skating. 

When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends. 

No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of Khardine's books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and characters she creates. 

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