Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review:The Wish Granter

Title: The Wish Granter
Author: C.J. Redwine
Publisher:  Balzer + Bray (HarperCollins)

"He'll grant you the deepest desire of your heart, but in ten years he'll return for your soul."

The Wish Granter is the second installment in author C.J. Redwine's, Ravenspire series. This is a standalone within a series, and a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. We enter the world of Ari and Thad who just so happen to be the bastard twins of the King. You would think this spares them from a life of hard-work, servitude, and possible privilege but no. Thad eventually is accepted as the King’s son, and being prepped as the heir but Ari has to work alongside their mother as servants to the King. The Queen has a child after 17 years of not conceiving, and “makes” the King banish Ari, Thad, and their mother. We also learn that the Queen has sent bounty hunters to kill off Thad, and Ari’s family.

Enter Alistair Teague who offers Thad a chance at the throne. As we all know this is not a good idea but ehh..Thad takes his chances, and the royal family is wiped out.With Ari, and Thad being the only heir’s even though they are repeatedly told they are bastards and do not deserve the crown. Ari, and Thad must now deal with being royals, and navigating the world with little to no help. Sebastian Vaughn is a troubled young man looking for an escape, and working for the newly crowned Prince is the way to go. Sebastian is a tough young man who was dealt a shit-hand at life, and is trying his best not to become his father. Ari finds out about her brothers “contract”, and is now on a mission to help free her brother from Alistair’s clutches. Alistair tries, and most times stop Ari from freeing Thad but not without violence, and death.

All three characters are trying to survive in the world they have been thrust into. Thad a broken young man who has made a deal with the devil to make sure his sister is protected. Not knowing the consequence of his actions would lead to his possible destruction, unless he plays by Alistair Teague’s rules. If only Thad knew that Alistair, is the reason for the Queen being able to conceive, and for the death of their beloved mother. Ari is just a curious young woman, who often finds herself in situations. Ari is forced to act as a princess, when all she wants is to bake, wear her old clothes, and flirt with Sebastian. Ari becomes the heroine we expect because Thad is too busy becoming a respected Prince. Thad just wants Ari to be more “princess like’ in case of his untimely death. Also Hansel and Gretel make an appearance, nothing like other fairy tales. They are complete opposites of each other but Hansel is very “happy”, while Gretel is “damaged, and angry”.

I personally liked parts of this book but not all. While I was writing my review I realized the book was actually good, I just have issues with Ari. I was not a big fan of the romance that happened, I thought it was really fast “puppy love”. Also this book is mainly about Ari, but I would have loved to know more about Thad. One of the reason’s I loved this book is due to the sibling love, clearly we see that Thad’s motivation is Ari. There was some violence which was unexpected for me, and I LOVED it.  Jessica's rating is 3.5/5

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