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Author Interview:Teresa Jane

Teresa Jane author of Beastly Lights.

I have spent most of my life immersed in literary wonderlands, often forgetting to come up for a breath of reality. Most of my schooling was spent hiding my latest book beneath the table and jotting down notes in the margins to tell all of my friends later.

 Writing has always been my second love, and my imagination has been dominated by fairytales, daring knights and happily ever afters. There was no choice but to put pen to paper if only to retain some semblance of sanity.

I live in the greatest city in the world; Melbourne, Australia (and will not let anyone tell me otherwise) and when I’m not writing, I’m off trying to find the best places for tea and scones.
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1)    Describe your book in 3 words.
 Thrilling, passionate, emotional.

2)    What's your favorite part of being an author?
 I’d say the most enjoyable part about being an author is feedback. I love the reactions of the readers. Whether they’re good or bad. I love that something that makes one reader fall in love with my book has another one pulling their hair out. This is my first published story so I am grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received, but I also appreciate all those who criticised it. I’m not perfect and neither are my stories. I’ll never be finished growing and developing as an author.
I guess what I also love about being an author is spending all my free time doing something I truly love.

3)    What are your thoughts on NA? What do you prefer to read YA or NA?
I like that NA books are about a time after high school. They’re after that moment in your life when you were living in a sort of bubble and you’re thrust into this transition stage and your life starts to go through some major upheaval. You’re no longer a teenager with teenage problems but you’re not an adult either. I guess I’m so attracted to it because I’m at that stage in my life right now. That being said, I still love to read YA novels. They have a level of passion in them that only really exists in that genre. There’s something special about reading someone experience something for the very first time.

4)    Dead or alive which musician would you like to meet?
All Time Low, I mean I know they’re a group of musicians but you can’t have one without the others. I missed them when they came to Australia and now I’m afraid they’ll never make it out here again.

5)    Diversity in books and the publishing industry is a huge topic. Whose voices do we see? Whose voices do we need more of? How can authors address that? 
Diversity is an issue that is important in any industry. Many of the most important voices in history have been heard through the written word and their voices reflect the opinions and views of that time. When people look back at the works of our time, I think it’s extremely important that everyone can see themselves no matter who they are. Anyone can write but not everyone gets published. While authors hold an important role, it’s the publisher who ultimately dictates who gets heard. It’s important that we as a reading public demand to hear those voices that regularly go unheard.

6)    Superhero or Supervillain? Why? 
Supervillain, and Loki is entirely to blame, and Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker. I adore these two villains and I can never get enough of watching them. Villains have a complexity that, in my opinion, superheroes lack.
Title:Beastly Lights
Author:Teresa Jane
Published:March 29th 2017 
Publisher: Inkitt
Gambled away by her brother, Freya is now bound to the music world's resident bad boy Liam Henderson as his live-in maid.

Freya Coleman is a struggling artist who can hardly get by. With a past she would rather not revisit and a future that didn't extend past her next cup of coffee, something had to change. Freya just didn't know how much. Liam Henderson lives in the spotlight. His wild nights and latest conquests make every woman want him, and every man want to be him. The rockstar has a carefully constructed persona to keep everyone out. That is, until a drunken night gets out of hand and he finds himself with the winning hand in a poker game, and the prize is a feisty redhead. A prize who just might break down the walls he has been so desperately hiding behind. 

Thrown together, these two are a disaster waiting to happen. A disaster the world is eager to watch and comment on until their fingers drop off. What starts off as a fake relationship to improve Liam’s image, blossoms into so much more, and Freya is swept up into the world of bright lights and illusions. Everyone has an opinion when the lights are shining on their beloved rock god Liam Henderson, and they are eagerly waiting to tear down anyone who is bathed in the famous glow. 

Can happily ever after exist when the whole world is watching?

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