Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 3: Character Chatter

Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun. 

Day 3 Character Chatter

Character Chatter!! Todays Armchair BEA topic is all about the book characters.So I'm going to talk/write about some of my favorite types of book character. I like my book characters like I like my life lessons awkward,bitter sweet and makes me feel all the feels.

It's not just about a good plot and setting if I can't relate to a character in the first couple chapters then I’m DNFing whatever book I’m reading. Sometimes I’ll stick it out think the character will change for the better but it's always a let down when that doesn't happens. I'm a huge fan of the whole redemption thing so give me a character with some angst that turns their s**t around and I’m happy. However what I dislike is when a character has no type of growth. You know the type the character starts out awful ie: selfish,whinny,a liar,or etc and then the climax/life alternating thing happens and boom nothing maybe the character is slightly less awful but you finish the book and are just like that's it...what was that why..??Stuff like that bugs the hell out of me.

Another thing I enjoy in relation to book characters is when there's snark in abundance a well written snarky character is the best. For examples see Puck from The Iron Fey Series,Adrian from the Vampire Academy books and the Bloodline spin off series ,as well as Bianca from the DUFF. Snarky slightly bitchy characters and people in IRL make my soul happy,the reason for this is I always enjoy meeting/reading about kindred spirits.

Basically the type of character I enjoy reading about no matter the genre or if it's a main character or secondary second has to be relate-able. I have to feel like every thing that that characters going though is similar to my issues. Me feeling this way all comes down to a lot of different variables that I’d rather not get in to mainly because I like keeping my post short and sweet. Comment and let me know what you think?

What is your favorite type of character? Brooding?Male or Female?Let me know in the comment section along with the link to your Armchair BEA post on Characters or Blogging Q&A
Have a Happy Armchair BEA 2015!!Thnks for stopping by.

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  1. I love a brooding moody boy! And sarcasm - love a sarcastic character!


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