Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's Your Label??

I have just recently seen the tailor for the movie The DUFF and it got me thinking about the book equivalent of the movie  by Kody Keplinger,as well as my own melodramatic high school experiences with labels. If your reading this and have no idea what a DUFF is that is A-Ok it's a term Kody K made up it simply means "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" basically the duff is that not so pretty  friend that makes the other girls/woman or men of the group appear more attractive.A pretty  rude term to describe someone right? If you think about it  though is it any different than any of the other labels people use?Jock.Nerd.Geek. Emo.Prep.Hipster.Gamer.Punk

 Each of those words are used to label some one to put a multifaceted person in a box based on one descriptor.If you like sports Bam you are a jock.If you dress in all black Boom you're Goth.
Labels are every where even after High School what i think is important is that people young and old rember that you're more than one thing.Also you're not a can of soup people don't come with predetermined words on there forehead.

What I liked about Kody Keplingers novel is that she wrote about how you're more than what someone labels you or what you label yourself.The main character of her novel realizes that so what if she is the supposed DUFF and every one feels like the Duff at some point of their life it's all about moving forward and embrace your labels or moving pass them because at the end of the day they are just words.

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