Wednesday, September 18, 2013

YA Literature Novel List

 Fall 2013 ENG433 YA Literature Novel List-Dr. White

So in my ENG433 class we dicuss YA literature and how to teach it in a classroom setting.If you want to get technical the legit description of the class goes as follows: 
Survey of literature for secondary students grades 7-12. Emphasis on critical analysis, evaluation, and use of books in various genres.
This course is an introduction to the multiple genres of contemporary young adult literature. You will read a range of YA texts written by award-winning authors, which we will discuss from the perspectives of genre, theme, representations of adolescence and adulthood, and approaches to interpretation. English Education majors will consider pedagogical approaches while others will consider the texts from a literary or sociocultural perspective.

Throughout the semester the class has to do 12 book responses 6 books are chosen for us and 6 we get to chose from the lists in Book Crush and Literature for Today's Young Adults. Each response can be done in a variety of ways.I've decided to post up a review of each book or possibly just  my response to it that I turned in for a grade. 

Five Flavor of Dumb Anthony John
Ash Malinda Lo
Monster Walter Dean Myers 
I am the Messenger Markus Zusak
 Fever 1793 Laurie Halse Anderson
 American Born Chinese Gene Luen Yan

I have yet to pick the other 6 books that I''m going to do a responses on but when I do I will make a new post or possibly just add on the this post I haven't decided yet.  Comment if you read any of the above books and you thoughts so far I have read 3.

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