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Book Response One : Five Flavors of Dumb

Title:Five Flavors of Dumb
Author:Antony John

The Challenge: Piper has one month to get the rock band Dumb a paying gig.

The Deal: If she does it, Piper will become the band's manager and get her share of the profits.

The Catch: How can Piper possibly manage one egomaniacal pretty boy, one talentless piece of eye candy, one crush, one silent rocker, and one angry girl? And how can she do it when she's deaf?

Piper can't hear Dumb's music, but with growing self-confidence, a budding romance, and a new understanding of the decision her family made to buy a cochlear implant for her deaf baby sister, she discovers her own inner rock star and what it truly means to be a flavor of Dumb.

So the first book I had to do a book response for was  Five Flavors of Dumb. Out of the options my professor gave I chose to write Journal entries from on of the main characters.I chose to write journal entries from Finn's perspective. BTW I received a 85% not my best but it's alright. Also Btw Possible spoilers
Hope you all enjoy.

Book Response Five Flavors of Dumb
Diary/Journal entry’s from Finn

Hey Journal,
I don't know why I decided to started you. Maybe it's cause I'm just starting high school but here goes nothing. It's already been a month and I’ve met some pretty awesome people. During lunch at school me and some friends get together to play poker. Some times we play for cash other times we just hang out. If we get caught we'll probably get in trouble hopefully that doesn't happen though....

Dear Journal,
Piper saved me once again today at school. Me. Belson couldn't believe that I'm her brother,which would be insulting if I didn't think the same thing. Piper was pretty upset with me it's normal I should be used to it but she's my sister. I do care I even learned sign for her,not that she thanks me for it or appreciates it. Piper wasn't made for very long though the USS Immovable's engine was being sketchy and turned over and over with out starting. We both just laughed and laughed till we calmed down. It was a little predictable but there's nothing wrong with that.

Hey Journal,
So today instead of going straight to the USS Immovable to meet Piper I was Talking to the members of Dumb. I probably should have went straight to the car. I have no clue why but Piper snapped. I honestly didn't see her till she stood up to the group outside the principals office. She started signing in an over exaggerated way,then practically insulted Dumb after words she just walked away leaving me to deal with the aftermath. I quickly followed her eager to get away. I love my sister but I think she just did it just to embarrass me..I'm not embarrassed of her being deaf it's just hard some times. She some how became Dumb manager,I don’t know why Josh asked her or why she agreed but it should be interesting to see what happens.

Hey journal,
Piper is still the manager for Dumb which is pretty awesome but I feel like shes doing it for the wrong reasons. Dad wasn't to happy when he found out and I think mom worried but was indifferent. Mom even wrote out a contract since Piper asked. Dumb has already went to their first recording session based on what Piper said it didn't go well,even with the new drummer Ed.Ed is Pipers friend he seems alright. I'm still going to poker games at school thanks to dad teaching me an Piper when we where kids I'm pretty good. Maybe with the money I'm saving I can buy something awesome. I'm not sure what I want though.

Hey Journal,
Piper was pretty upset on the way to school today. She's usually alright or indifferent to me but lately she's kinda mean. She's way to preoccupied wit them getting money. They need to play better and work on some new stuff .Piper being deaf won't make her a bad manger not caring about the music will. How can she if she can't hear though,I want to help but I don't know how. Piper told me that were staying after school till five,I can tell the guys and we can play poker. I know what I know what I'm going to buy with my winnings a new guitar!!!

Hey Journal,
Today was a mess a complete mess. Piper can sign,read lips and she has hear hearing aid but I always become her translator. She just doesn't understand why I hate it when I have to translate. Today I just couldn't do it,especially when she wanted me to threaten suing Kallie. I just walked away. After Kallie and Piper went into the bathroom I tried to listen in on their conversation till Mr.Belson caught me. Me and Piper got into it and I don't know what happened. I'm so sick of her being mean sometimes so when she threw her keys at me I just left. Next thing I know the car was rolling back hitting the wall. Piper came quickly shoving me in the car as I tried to get out. Piper doesn't get that people assume I agree with her when I sign,she doesn't understand that she makes me feel awful when she treat me like a slave and threaten me when I refuse to sign. She acts like I'm embarrassed of her and signing I’m not but for just once I want my own identity not Pipers little brother who just need better work ethic or the deaf girl brother. I just people to see me as me.

Hey Journal,
Last night Piper took the blame for crashing the car and Grace said her first word. Guess which one my parents were happier about?That right Grace's first word till Piper confessed right after. Dad left the table in a mood and mom shortly after. I was between both sister and grabbed Grace then went over and hugged Piper. She bawled like a baby just like Grace.
I decided that I'm going to help Piper with being the band manager of Dumb. She just wont know it's me helping.

Hey Journal,
Today I had to skip out on the after school poker game to help teach Kallie guitar.I also helped Tash too. Piper made me sit between them so I could hear were both of them are at.I also think she put me there so they wouldn't murder each other. Sitting in the middle of two hot girls was more than okay. Missing the poker games suddenly wasn't that big a deal as the practice went on. Tash kept getting on Kallie's case but I subtle let her know that she could use extra help too, everyone needs improvement.

Hey Journal,
So Piper and Kallie actually went to Kurt Corbain house yesterday. I can't believe Piper went maybe theres hope for her as a band manager. When she got back to the house mom was mad she missed dinner.I think Piper thinks I like Kallie but I just think shes nice even if she is really attractive. Tash is pretty too though.

Hey Journal,
Today is Saturday and me,Piper,and dad went to the mechanic to fix the bumper,it's going to cost $400 to fix it. I'm not sure yet but I think i'm going to pay at least half of it with my poker winnings. After all I am the one who crashed it not Piper.

On Monday during lunch me Tash,and Kallie met to practice their guitar playing. I've been playing guitar since I was 8 but at 13 me and my teacher had different views on guitar playing. Plus I don't think my parents could afford to pay for classes. I moved from classical guitar playing to rock. It was a bit surreal to have to 18 year old girls hanging onto my every word and playing guitar together.

Hey Journal,
It's been awhile it's now Friday and rehearsal went pretty well. Josh and his ego was late but other than that everything went smoothly. There's way to much unrequited love going on in the band. Josh wont stop hitting on Kallie which I get why shes hot but Kallie is not interested. Tash keeps staring at Will which I don't get she is a bit edgy but nice. Shes just as pretty as Kallie and fun to talk too.I sent Piper a message to visit Jimi Hendrix she wasn't going to go but everyone convinced her to go. Everyone from the band went except Josh and Will. After checking out the house Piper dropped of Ed and Kallie, Tash cam to our house. It was a blast shes great. Me and Piper got to connect with dad over Jimi just having a good time till mom came home. It was not a pretty sight mom freaked on the way Tash looked and the fact that we had the music blaring. Piper let go and told our parents how she really felt and later after mom and dad left. I just held her as she cried.

Things have been rough with Dumb Piper gets that its about more than money but things have not been running smoothly for her. Starting with the live performance and interview on TV. I was at school but I looked it up online after school and it was crazy. Piper hasn't come home yet I hope she's okay as well as Tash and Kallie. The crap Josh was saying on TV was a dick move. When Piper came home Mom freaked. I was in the basement playing my guitar and writing in my journal. I'm glad I started this journal. I haven't been consistent but it's helped me.

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