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Review:: Piggybacker by Mikki Noble

Title: Piggybacker (Vessel of Lost Souls, #1)
Author: Mikki Noble
Publication date: January 28th 2019
Genres: Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


Everyone thinks Marley tried to take her own life, that is, except Marley. After her mother sends her to a youth center for troubled teens, she starts hearing the voice of a boy who claims he was murdered and begins questioning her own sanity. The voice is Gavin, a seventeen-year-old boy who promises Marley he can help her find the truth about what happened the day she supposedly tried to kill herself—if she completes a resurrection spell in the next four days.

Upon discovering Gavin’s death in the newspaper, Marley realizes she’s not hallucinating, and that she has a chance to save Gavin’s soul and clear her name. The task seems simple: complete the spell, then she and Gavin are free, right? But a powerful, unseen force is determined to stop her, and soon Marley finds herself following clues from the universe to find ingredients for the ritual to save herself and her newfound friend, and most of all, to find the truth about what really happened that day.

Piggybacker is the first in Mikki Noble’s spell-binding Vessel of Lost Souls trilogy, and promises a thrilling mystery with powerful enemies, broken relationships, captivating magic, and two souls both caught up in a plot beyond any they could ever imagine.

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My thoughts...

You ever read a book, and can't wait for the next book!?!?! Welp that was me reading Piggybacker, the plot was my favorite! I'm not sure what I was expecting due to the title of the book but I sure got a surprise. Marley is trying to put her life back together after struggling to understand why people think she tried to kill herself. Marley knows she would never to something like this, especially after what happened to her father. But mom doesn't believe her because the evidence looks like Marley is suicidal. We see Marley navigating the world and trying to fall back into her old routine but she's hearing voices from a dead boy.  As if this couldn't get any worse! Marley is trying to win her mother's trust back, keep herself sane, and convince her friends that's she's fine. All while helping the dead boy solve his murder, and save herself. There were so many layers to Piggybacker, the characters, friendships, a budding romance. The relationship between mom and daughter was tough to read. You just wanted to help Marley, help her mother understand. A romance that you want to root for except one person is dead but ehh people have made stranger relationships work. We learn that the dead boy's name is Gavin, and he will be within seven days permanently unless Marley helps bring him back from the dead. Gavin can only exist in limbo for seven days surviving off of Marley's soul.. Marley's reality is a lot of peoples reality, that we don't talk about. Here is someone who it seems tried to kill herself but that is simply not true.  Marley has to convince everyone around her, she did not try, and she is okay. Everyone is walking on egg shells, trying not to re-traumatize or trigger her which puts her on edge. This is the first book in the Lost Soul Series, and I cannot wait for the next book. My rating 4/5
*I received an ARC of this book from Parliament House Press in exchange for an honest review. **
About Mikki Noble

Mikki Lynne Noble has been writing since the age of eleven. She has always wanted to tell stories in one form or another, whether it be poetry, short story or full novel.

She came in second place in the first paragraph contest at the Windsor International Writer's Conference 2016.

Mikki enjoys everything paranormal, from witches to vampires to mermaids. In her spare time, she reads Young Adult paranormal books, romance of any kind, and textbooks.

She enjoys learning new things, taking pictures, and playing with her animals, 4 cats and 3 guinea pigs.

Mikki is working on a few projects currently. Her first novel, Piggybacker is available at multiple retailers. Don't forget to ask your libraries and book stores if they carry it.​

I used to daydream in school. Now I daydream for a living. - Mikki Noble

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