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#Review:: Blue Bottle Tree by Beaird Glover

Blue Bottle Tree by Beaird Glover
Publisher: Parliament House Press
Release Date: October 24th, 2017
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

There’s no such thing as Voodoo. At least that’s what most of the Baptists in Bellin tell themselves. But Seven LaVey knows better.

In a small rural town just outside of Nashville, Voodoo conjures and curses simmer and seethe under the noses of the many who will never know. Seventeen-year-old Seven romanticizes about the meaning of life while held captive as a zombie under the shell of a kiddie pool. He's counting on the strength - and maybe even love - of a certain redheaded clarinet player to save him. But will she?

Filled with betrayal and revenge, two families struggle with a curse that stretches back to Queen of the Voodoos Marie Laveau in this contemporary Southern Gothic adventure. Prepare for a wildly original twist on the paranormal.

 This book was a great read! I love, love, love reading about Voodoo! Even though, that means that I cannot sleep at night..But who needs sleep, when you got books to keep you up! Honestly, there were some parts of this book that kept me up because it was too much! Let's talk characters first, Seven reminded me Powder, from the movie Powder..Yeeah, he wasn't the best but I like him a lot. I didn't like how behind he was in everything. But we learn that Penny is highly annoying, and I'm sorry Seven thought they would be great... Not that she wanted to be a unicorn but it would've made me like her more.. Seven's grandmother was amazing, she very much reminded me of the grandmother from Holes.. You know the one who cursed Shia's family? Madam Zeroni, ugh I loved her! 

This book moved so fast, one minute Seven is stalking an unknown girl, and BOOM! She's being tricked/played by a crazy man into thinking that Seven is trying to curse her. Why? Well Seven's bloodline is from Marie Laveau, thee Voodoo Queen. Except, Seven knows what his family can do but he was never taught/learned anything due to an old treaty that his grandmother signed. The first half of this book moved slow, but the second half picked up. As much as I liked this story at times it was hard to keep the storyline/plot straight. There was so much happening, one minute Penny hates Seven the next shes possessed by spirits, and Seven is almost dead. It was a lot but overall I did enjoy this story. I just wish we could've known more about Seven, he doesn't have much character development. Penny and Victor two other main characters, were juts super weird but I think that was part of their storyline.Victor's presence in the story was assaulting, I did not like reading about him at all. Nor did I enjoy reading about what happened with him and Penny. My rating is 3.5/5
  **I received an ARC of this book from Parliament House Press in exchange for an honest review. **
About the Author 
Beaird Glover grew up on a farm outside of Obion, Tennessee. In 1991, he wrote a nonfiction book called Secret Ciphers of the 1876 Presidential Election (Aegean Park Press). He has traveled extensively and lived in eleven of the United Sates, and Taipei and Buenos Aires. His poetry was published in the New York Quarterly and his chapbook of poems was selected by the Austin Chronicle as one of the Top 10 Best of 1994. He works as a physician assistant hospitalist and lives in New Orleans with his wife Kim and their cats.  Website

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