Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ellen Degeneres Gets Sawed in Half in Montana(Maybe!)

So I try to mostly post thing regarding books but every now and then I'll put up something non book related.Please talk your time to read the entire post and watch the video at the end.
It's worth it I promise!!

Last semester while attending WIU instead of coming home for spring break and partaking in the stereotypical actions of a college student.I decided to sign up for the STLF tour offered by the school.STLF stands for Students Today Leader Forever and on the tour you travel to different states volunteering and helping out different communities.

While on the tour I met many amazing and kind people who I'm glad to have shared a wonderful experience with.One of the people I met was Amanda"Cash" Cashman who was the facutly adviser.She's a funny kind person who even has her own dance move and s it turns out her sister Missy is just as invested as helping people out as well.For her 30th birthday Missy is celebrating by hosting the first ever region-wide Variety Show in southwest Montana. This is 100% local talent coming together to raise funds and awareness for our local YMCA and their youth programs.She dreams big and invited Ellen Degeneres! 

I think it's awesome whats shes doing so please share the video & gets your friends to share it as much as possible and help spread the word in hopes that maybe Ellen shows up.Please and Thank You!!

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