Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So today is Top Ten Tuesday so after I went to the The Broke and Bookish to put my link in for my Top Ten post i decided to browse The Broke and Bookish blog.I came across the post Daisy Discusses DNF-ing I though it was pretty interesting so i decide to share my thought on DNF-ing.Despite the fact that i've had my book blog for almost two years now i've never heard the term DFN which in the blogopshere means "did not finish"

I usually feel a sense of obligation to finish a book.So alot of the time i grin and bare it if i'm reading a book/series that i just can't get into.Before i stated to blog I tried to finish most books but now every now and then i just put the book down.I'm not that up to date with my blog so when i do post a review I want to share my thoughts on books that i would want others to read.If i know I'm going to give a book a 1 or 2 then i won't post a review.

Unfortunately, when I put books down I do get that sense of unfulfillment. But I'd rather move on to something better than force myself to read something I'm not enjoying to sate my curiosity alot of the times i just skip to the end and skim though the middle if i know for sure that im going to DNF a book.

So what about you? Do you DNF books?How long do you give a book till you DFN? Do you  DNF series?

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