Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Release Day Blitz:: THE PRICE OF GRACE by Diana Muñoz Stewart

Author: Diana Muñoz Stewart
Series: Black Ops Confidential #2
Release Date: September 24, 2019

Keeping secrets is her job.

A highly trained operative in the Parish family’s secret society of vigilantes, Gracie Parish learned a long time ago what happens when you fall in love and reveal the family’s dark secret. Now, she keeps her mouth shut and trusts no one.

Uncovering the truth is his job.

Special Agent Leif “Dusty” McAllister will do anything to expose the Parish family’s covert operations. And he believes Gracie is his ticket in. He’ll use everything he’s got—fair, unfair, and so-good-it’s-wrong—to penetrate her defenses and prove his case.

Even as the red-hot attraction between Dusty and Gracie heats up, his investigation ignites a deadly new threat. They’ll have to decide quickly how far they can trust each other, because now it’s not just Gracie’s vigilante lifestyle in jeopardy. It’s her life.

About the Author

Diana lives in an often chaotic and always welcoming home that—depending on the day—can hold husband, kids, extended family, friends, and a canine or two. A believer in the power of words to heal, connect, and distract from chores, Diana blogs regularly on topics near and dear to her heart, including spotlight pieces on strong women from around the world. When not writing, Diana can be found kayaking, doing springs up her long driveway—harder than it sounds—attempting yoga on her deck, or hiking with the man who’s had her heart since they were teens.

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