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#Review:: Hook & Crown by Nicole Knapp

Hook & Crown by Nicole Knapp 
Publisher: Parliament House Press
Release Date: June 11th, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retellings

You've heard of Neverland and its inhabitants... Fairies, pirates, mermaids and a boy who didn't want to grow up. But you can't always believe the stories.

Elena Hart arrives in London, bound for a new boarding school operated by her estranged uncle. A fresh start is exactly what she needs. But when strange things begin happening, things she can't explain, she begins to wonder if she has lost her mind.
Until the night a strange girl appears in her room, claiming to be a fairy from Neverland, come to take her to the fantasy world at the request of its ruler.
Skeptical, Elena refuses. But the following night, a young man with strange green eyes appears, and though she tries to resist his charms, something about him draws her in and Elena is whisked away from the world she knows, to a world she always thought was make believe.
But when she arrives in Neverland, it is nothing like the stories and Elena realizes that she must figure out for herself who the true heroes and villains are.

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I don't read too many Peter Pan retelling's but this was great! I couldn't put the book down, I was blown away by Nicole's writing style. Too many times we see Captain Hook as the villain but never as as a just a male. A lonely male, at that, one who would rather sail the sea, and enjoy his time in paradise. While reading Hook & Crown, I much preferred to read about Captain Hook versus the other characters. Let's talk about Crown aka Peter Pan aka Aiden, he is not what you expect. Talk about having a chip on your shoulder, and all that jazz. Aiden is your typical "I know you want me..male), so there's not much to him. We don't get to see any character development with Aiden because he is a dreadful male, that you don't want to know. Much of what I read/learned of Aiden is from Captain Hook. Which I felt took away from story, we never got to know Aiden's side of the story. I tots get it, thou this story was mainly about Hook and Elena, and what they could be or rather the differences between the protagonist's and antagonist.  I just wish we learned more about Aiden also why does no one call him Peter Pan? I did love how both Hook and Aiden knew about the Peter Pan book, and both of them gave grim warnings saying "don't believe, everything yo read". How ominous of them!

 I was caught off guard, and wasn't expecting this story-line. Enter Elena broken-hearted for the umpteen-th time...It seems that she is a magnet for young males with one thing on their mind, and she gets hurt every time. So Elena, decides to move to London, with her uncle that she hasn't seen since the death of he parents. She wanted to stay in the states, and her uncle supported this, one too many heart breaks. So Elena, ditches the states to go to the UK, and try to move on with her life...Elena is "that girl", she fell hard for two characters, granted one was totally manipulating her into thinking that she wanted him but it still happened..So we can't trust her to be the best judge of people, even her own love life..Lol! 

It did feel like insta-love quite a few times, and there was a push to make Captain Hook a better male... But he was a dick sometime, which is expected, he is Captain Hook! I really did like the plot twist, did not see that coming at all. Also for the record, fairies suck! There is no Tinkerbell, which is great because she too sucks. Just when I was starting to develop second hand sadness for a few characters BAM! They become threatening, and the ending of the book took my by surprise, and I had to re-read the last few chapters because I thought I missed some parts. Prepare to be outdone, I am so here for the drama lama.

I enjoyed much of Hook & Crown, you would too if you read it! This is definitely one of those books that you have to read. I'm pretty sure there will be a sequel, be on the look out for that!  
My rating 3.5/5 
**I received an ARC of this book from Parliament House Press in exchange for an honest review. **
About the Author 
Nicole Knapp is originally from California, currently living in Oklahoma. She loves to read and write Young Adult Romance, fantasy, and the classics. The Missing Piece is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle version. Hook & Crown, a dark and twisted retelling of Peter Pan, is set to release in Autumn 2019 from Parliament House Publishing.

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