Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reveiw:Long Walk to Valhalla

Title: Long Walk to Valhalla
Release Date: July 21st 2015 
Publisher  Archaia 

Can you see the Pretty Things?

There are many things that Rory would like to forget about his childhood growing up in rural Arkansas. He'd like to forget his alcoholic father or absent mother. He'd like to forget about his ex-girlfriend, now married to his ex-best friend. Sometimes, he'd even like to forget about his older brother Joe. Joe saw the world differently than other people--sometimes in beautiful ways, seeing what he always called "the Pretty Things." But sometimes the Pretty Things turned ugly and bad things happened. Those are the things Rory wishes he could forget most of all.

When his car breaks down on the side of the road just out of town, a young girl named Sylvia appears from the corn fields. Sylvia is a Valkyrie sent by the Norse god Odin to deliver Rory to Valhalla. Because today is the day he's going to die. Together, Rory and Sylvia walk back through the memories of Rory's childhood, this time seeing them the way Joe saw them. Rory must face the Pretty Things, the Ugly Things, and all the real life in between before it's time to say goodbye.


I have to admit I did not know much about the story when I borrowed the book from the library , only that Norse mythology was involved and it's set in Arkansas!! I really like  the art style and that it is only black/white and blue shades. That did something for the story.

The story its self was great. It's quiet,kinda eerie and confident. Set in rural Arkansas, it's about Rory, a young man who meets up with a young girl, Sylvia. She claims to be a valkyrie sent to deliver Rory to Valhalla, but he must confront his past first.I'm not going to lie i had to read this graphic novel twice to actually get it.I finished reading it put it down,realized I had no clue what I just read and then read it again.
While I did enjoy the story, I feel as though the overall story felt slightly unfinished.That could just me being weird and liking things tied up neatly though.

The cover like all the other illustrations is absolutely gorgeous.The cover is honestly what drew me to the book.Any new or avid fan of graphic novels and magic surrealism  i'm sure would enjoy Long Walk To Valhalla.3/5

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