Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday(26):Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

Check out how Top Ten Tuesday works & the future schedule of topics HERE.The Top Ten Tuesday, is hosted by the ever-fabulous The Broke and the Bookish   This  meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book (minor or just maybe a semi main character you wish a book was from their POV)

  1. Nevile Longbottom from Harry Potter He could have been the chosen one and i'd like to see his thought during the last book.
  2. Puck from the Iron Fey Series I'd love to know what he has been up to after The Iron Knight
  3. Marnie Bates book
  4.  Danika from Jennifer Armentrout book The Stone Cold Touch series she has been locked in a gilded cage her whole life and it been nice to see her story progress to her wanting more and becoming free.
  5.  Hamish from the Kiss off books by Sarah Billington Since I wouldn't mind reading more about his change from high school to his current state
  6. Simon From the Immortal Instruments Series He has had scenes from his point of view but I'd love reading more about him after the series ended to see how he's adjusting. 
  7. Jackal Did his experience with Alllie change him or is he going to back to how he was before..I'd like an answer. 
  8.  Twenty Boy Summer
  9. Any of the side Characters from Amy and Roger's Epic Detour I don't care who it is even the small glimpse of the background characters were awesome my favorite were Lucian and  Lenard.
  10. The Other Female Shifter series by Rachel Vincent I think it would be intriguing to know about the lives of the other female shifters and their thoughts Faythe's situation.

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