Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Bookish Side At Camp (Part 1)

So this summer I worked at an all girls summer camp that I'm Just going to call Camp K. It was an awesome experience and I loved meeting all the campers and working with the people that I did, this was my second year working at Camp K and I'm glad I went back. Something that I noticed this year that I didn't notice last year was the abundance of books certain campers brought with them. One campers brought 8 books with her and by the time the 2 week session was done she read at least 5 of them!! Another Campers brought almost the same amount of books with her and finished half of them plus borrowed other campers books to read and finished those.

As an avid book reader I was impressed by the variety of books I saw being read throughout the camp. I was also impressed by the dedication to reading a lot of the campers had, seriously if it would have been allowed some of these girls would have never but their books down. However as a camp counselor it was frustrating at times when I had to get girls to interact and engage with one another and all they wanted to do was read. O_o We were outdoors and sometime it was like pulling teeth to get girls to appreciate the fact that they were at camp surrounded by nature or join in on team discussions. I encourage reading but there's a time and place for everything and for the most part camp wasn't the right place....unless it was Chill time or Siesta 

The age range for the campers at Camp K is from 9 to 15 and then you had the CIT's who are 16.For those of you wondering CIT stands for counselor in training, essentially the CIT's were 60% camper and 40% counselor they were learning the ropes to become a counselor while enjoying the perks of being a camper for one last time. .Once you moved on to the staff the ages varied from 17 to 24.The youngest was the one junior counselor who was 17.

So with all that said,Camp K had girls/woman ranging from 9 to 24..that's a pretty broad spectrum for books.What I loved was that you had a 9yr old reading Little Women,an 11yr old reading Carrie by Steven King,a CIT reading a book on complex math theories and the mysteries of math and almost all the "adult" counselors reading a variety of young adult books.It was super interesting to see the variety of books my fellow staff was reading and the campers as well.I decided that sometime in the near future I'm going to make a post with a list of books I saw the campers and staff reading.This post is pretty was my lead in for that post.

I was going to included the list of books in this post but the intro just grew and grew.I probably could talk/write nonstop about the campers,camp and my experience at Camp K but I decide to stick to the bookish side of camp.Stay tuned for my next post The Bookish Side At Camp K (Part 2).

Also feel free to share your favorite camp memory if you were a camper or Counselor!!!!! :)
P.S Shout out to any camper from Camp K who stumbles across my blog.You rock!!

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