Friday, October 4, 2013

Author Interview- J.D. Thompson

 J.D. Thompson is a photographer by day and closet writer by night. She views writing in much of the same manner in which she views art: it’s all about creation. J.D. has a love for words in general and is fascinated by the way a few simple sentences combined with one’s imagination can build a whole new universe on a single sheet of paper.

 In 2003 she attended the University of Moncton, where she majored in Visual Arts Studies and minored in English Literature. She is currently living a quaint rural town in the chilly northern peak of New-Brunswick, with her husband and young children. 

 The lovely author of the Blood lines series answered a few questions and to learn more about her and her books check out her website HERE

Where do you turn for instruction and inspiration?
I really haven’t had anyone to turn to for instruction seeing as I don’t have any inner connections to the publishing world however many women writers inspire me. Intelligent, kick-ass female novelists with a good voice and strong leading characters are my favorites. I just finished Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and I loved the series.

There's a lot controversy about self-publishing versus traditional publishing, though self-publishing is becoming more widely accepted. Why did you choose to self-publish Silver and Stone?

I won’t lie, self-publishing isn’t exactly how I had planned on releasing my novel. Like most writers, I forwarded query upon query of my manuscript to agents hoping someone would take me under their literary wing. I had never written anything longer than an essay and the publishing world was much unknown to me. Although many agents showed interest, in the end I was left with a large pile of nos. So after nearly a year of shopping Silver and Stone around I lost patience and went at it alone. Self-publishing requires an enormous amount of work however it can also be extremely gratifying and you have the advantage of having full control over your work.  

How did you choose the genre you write in?

YA is the genre I enjoy the most reading, so I think it’s only natural that I write it as well. I’m basically an adult that refuses to grow up book-wise.

 If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be? Why?

Tough one. I'm tempted to say mermaid but I’m not the best swimmer and the ocean is too cold. I guess I would go with vampire (cliche, I know) because they are immortal, beautiful and in some recent cases, they sparkle.

 Would you rather be a villain or hero?

Villain, hands down. Villains always get a bad wrap but let's face it; it looks so much more fun to be bad.

Which way are you going with Bloodlines Novels? What can we expect from you after the series?

The last installment, Feathers and Lace, will conclude the trilogy. I am planning a spin off novel however the project is still very much in the developmental stages so we will see what comes of it!

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