Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Books to Movies

Lately it seems like there has been a lot of YA book to movie adaptions like: I am Number Four, Beastly, The Hunger Games and Perks of Being a Wall Flower. Most recently the trailer for City of Bones from The Immortal Instruments series came out and The Beautiful Creature trailer as well. Personally I'm a bit more excited for City of Bones then Beautiful Creatures. I’m a big fan of Cassandra Claire's shadow hunters and can't wait to see how everything looks on the big screen.

So because of the surge of YA book to movie adaptions I wanted to make a post about books that I would love to see get turned in to a movie!

1.The Iron Fey Series because there has yet to be a movie about fey/faeries and the books from this series would be amazing to see come alive on screen.

As Meaghan Chase I picture someone like Dakota Fanning.Or maybe Bridgit mendler


  So Ash is  lean, muscular and tall with thick, tossled jet-black hair and I could totally see Tom Felton as Ash since he pulled of the smirk so well as Draco. Or If not then Avan Jogia despite the fact that Ash is supposed to have pale skin.


I'm not sure who I could see as Puck since he's described as  is tall, lean, and lanky with spiky crimson hair and bright green eyes.I can't think of many real Ginger acters.I could see Nick Roux  from Jane by Design possibly being Puck if he dyed his hair.

2.Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver this book has the makings of a perfect teen flick filled with mean girls,high school, drama,lots of heart and a moral that I think everyone could relate with.

I'm not sure who i'd pick for Sam it would have to be someone that could pull of the whole the kinda-bitchy, used-to-be-dorky popular girl thing maybe Liam Meester
When I picture Kent I imagine someone like Matt Bennett who plays Robbie on Victorious Or possibly the singer Joe Brooks.

A few more books that i wouldn't mind being turn into movies are Wicked Lovey Series because I'm a fan of the Fey.& The Firelight Series because who cares about shape-shifting werewolfs I'd much  rather watch people turn into Dragons.

What books would you love see on the big screen??Leave a comment below.:)

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