Friday, September 23, 2011

Corsets & Clockwork

Publisher: Running Press Kids
Published:April 26,2011

Dark, urban fantasies come to life in the newest collection of Steampunk stories, Corsets & Clockwork. Young heroes and heroines battle evils with the help of supernatural or super-technological powers, each individual story perfectly balancing historical and fantastical elements.

Throw in epic romances that transcend time, and this trendy, engrossing anthology is sure to become another hit for the fast-growing Steampunk genre!

This collection features some of the hottest writers in the teen genre, including: Ann Aguirre, Jaclyn Dolamore, Tessa Gratton, Frewin Jones, Caitlin Kittredge, Adrienne Kress, Lesley Livingston, Dru Pagliassotti, Dia Reeves, Michael Scott, Maria V. Snyder, Tiffany Trent, and Kiersten White.

The Cannibal Fiend of Rotherhithe by Frewin Jones - Silka is a young lady (if you could call her that) who lives with a man who kidnapped her mother.  She goes to London to seek her true love. This story was one of my top 3 favorite stories from this book. It was dark,edgy and a bit disturbing.

Wild Magic by Ann Aguirre - Pearl Magnus is part of a very strong line of important lords and such. However, she has the ability to perform magic. She buys a picture of a rough looking boy and that's were her life starts to change.It's a love story full of surprises. I thought this one was incredibly sweet and like all good short stories it ended to soon.

Deadwood by Michael Scott - Scott's short story is by far the least romantic. Martha and JW meet on a plane of some sort and when it stops in a strange town it up too them to save everyone. Despite the fact that it wasn't the most romantic story this was one of my favorites.

Code of Blood by Dru Pagliassotti - This short story is set in Italy when the French invade. She meets Pietro who is an appretince to an alchemist. Both Chiara and Pietro are elementals. They control their own elementals. The story is of how Chiara rescues her country and falls in love.

The Clockwork Corest by Adrienne Kress - Imogen is a young girl who was rasied by her father who treated her like a boy
untill she was a teen.Her best friend is Rafe, who is an orphan who lives as an apprentice in Imogen's home to a clock winder. Imogen and Rafe vow to never grow up, but that doesn't stop time.. This short story reminded me alot of  Disney's Mulan.

Under Amber Skies by Maria V. Snyder - Betrayal is the worst sort, especially from your own parents. Zosia experiences betrayal from her mother. Set in Northern Poland during World War II.I didnt know what i was expecting when i read this story but the ending was intense.

Tick, Tick, Boom by Kiersten White -Favorite story about a girl who does not believe in what her father does and she just wants to build her bombs to sabotage her father's factories and avoid her fathers favorite suitor Franklin whos just a snob  little does she know they may have more in common then she thought. :)

The other stories in the book are just as good but the ones above are the ones i really enjoyed.

The cover is what drew me its gorgeous with a lovely girl and gears and things around her face.I honestly had no idea what steampunk was so if your like me who didn't have a clue then i would recommend this book to get an intro to the genre. 3/5

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