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Review: Valcoria Series

TitleValcoria: Children of the Crystal Star (Valcoria Series#1)
Author: Jason King
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: April 17th, 2014 

"Jason King weaves powerful stories that grip the reader to the last word with a perfect blend of amazement, fear, love, and destiny..." James Wymore, author of Theocracide and The Actuator History repeats itself like a song. The verses may vary, but the melody is always the same. The eastern empire of Aukasia has a new leader, a man who means to bring war to all the land. Yet, even in all his bloody ambition, he does not realize that he is but the puppet of a greater evil. Only the Kalyra - The Children of the Crystal Star - can stand against what's coming. Only they can protect the world of Valcoria from the mad hatred of the fallen god, Aedar. A new verse of the song has begun. The last verse... 

This was the last fantasy novel I read in 2017, and I loved it. Jason King wrote an amazing story, I was rooting for Yuiv, thee entire time! kid couldn't catch a break! Valcoria is definitely a place where monsters, technology, and magic live. I loved Sitrell at the beginning but then he just... but he redeemed himself by helping Yuiv. This book is about making hard choices, and living with the consequences. Yuiv is a thief, it's the life he has to live. Sitrell, is the hero, trying to bring his brother, and father back. Asha is the princess, with a heart of gold, and in-love with a man she can't marry. A fallen leader, who is trying to right his wrongs by helping defeat an old threat. A disgraced scholar who do anything to destroy those he blames for his wife's death.  Being able to see Yuiv, and Sitrell bond was amazing. Yuiv is a young boy trying to survive, and does something cowardly. We see Yuiv trying to fix the problem but he needs help. Sitrell happens to just one of the many people effected by Yuiv's actions. Certain people are born with Jia, the ability to manipulate the energy of the soul, which manifests in healing, strength, and glowing blue eyes. This was one great adventure! I love, love the setting! It was so easy get caught in this book, and fall in love with the characters. Not everyone got a happy ending but life happens. You should totally check out Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star, if you're looking for a science fiction and fantasy! 5/5

Title: Valcoria Awakenings Anthology(Valcoria Series#2)
Author: Jason King
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: December 19th, 2017

The battle for Amigus is over, and orphan-turned-hero, Yuiv, is settling into his life as junior lord of the house of Trauel. The loving family and peaceful life he’s so long yearned for seems to be within his grasp; that is until Yuiv starts having vivid nightmares. His glowing Kalyra eyes mark these dreams as supernatural, proof that he has the gift of Farsight—a power held only by the Al’Kalyra or Arch Sage.

As frightening as the idea of being Valcoria’s prophesied savior is, the terror of what Yuiv witnesses in his sleep is much worse. Pain, grief, blood and death descend upon him as he sees through the eyes of men, women, and even children who have been touched by the light of YaJiann.

The Children of the Crystal star are awakening, rising above turmoil and strife to embrace their destinies as defenders of Valcoria. But all light casts a shadow, and with the heroes come the horrors born of blood and shadow. A dark threat looms; monsters that are far closer than anyone realizes—anyone except for Yuiv. And the revelation is nearly too hard for him to bear as it can mean only one thing.
The battle with the darkness is not over. It has only just begun.
WOW! I wasn't expecting the second book in the Valcoria Series to be so action packed, and thrilling! Jason has a way of making the readers feel like we're the characters in the book. He makes real human connections to the characters. Each chapter is a different story written by a different author, I was confused at first but then I got it! I haven't read a book like this in a long time, it was refreshing. We meet so many new characters, who have "glowing blue eyes", and can do a magic. Magic meaning Jia, the ability to manipulate the energy of the soul. I thought this book was going to be centered around Yuiv, like the first book. It wasn't, and I'm thankful for that, I'm a huge fan of Yuiv, I want him to prevail. We learn that a war is coming, and Valcoria needs special warriors, lead by a leader who see, the future. Unfortunately the person who is said leader, is scared as hell, and just wants a normal life..But how normal can life be if you feel the darkness on the horizon or see it every time you try, and sleep. We meet the warriors for the new war, this is a different battle that not even Sitrell can lead. I loved the different author's bringing Jason's story to life, it was great to see how they all incorporated having Jia into the lives of their characters. If you're looking for a breathtaking science fiction, and fantasy book, just out the Valcoria series!! 5/5

* I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Curiosity Quills Press.
 All opinions expressed are entirely my own.*

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