Monday, January 8, 2018

Reading Goals For 2018!!

Hello and Happy New Year!! 
I don't normally participate in a lot of reading challenges but I stumbled across the #RivetedReadingChallenge and decided to give it a try. I like the whole idea of a reading challenge not being about the number of books you read, but the types of books you read. As I completed each challenge I'll come back to this post and scratch it off. If you've never checked out the Riveted website I highly suggest that you do.
Comment if you are participating in this challenge or any other challenge.I love to know of any other cool challenges!

P.S while I'm participating in this challenge Jessica is still undecided. 

Happy reading! And happy 2018!

  1. Read a book written in verse
  2. Read a fantasy or science fiction novel with explicitly queer characters
  3. Start a new series
  4. Read a sequel
  5. Read a YA nonfiction book
  6. Read a debut by an author of color
  7. Read a book (any genre) starring a queer character of color
  8. Read a book that’s been longlisted for a National Book Award (any year!)
  9. Read a book that’s over 500 pages long
  10. Read a science fiction book with a female protagonist
  11. Read a book that confronts or discusses sexism
  12. Read a book that confronts or discusses racism
  13. Read a book with a first-generation immigrant main character
  14. Read a work of historical fiction
  15. Read a sci-fi novel written by a woman
  16. Read a book featuring a dysfunctional family dynamic
  17. Judge a book by its cover! Read something exclusively based on how good the cover art looks.
  18. Read a book that has a person of color on the cover
  19. Read a romance (comedy or drama) with two PoC protagonists
  20. Read a YA anthology (fiction or nonfiction!)
  21. Read a book about a character who’s struggling with mental illness
  22. Read a book about toxic friendships
  23. Read a book based on a true story
  24. Read a book with an interracial relationship
  25. Read a book where a sport is a major focus/plot element
Happy Reading!!!!

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