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Waiting on Wednesday(78) Long Way Down & Here We Are Now

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for..

Title: Long Way Down
Author: Jason Reynolds
Release Date: October 24th, 2017
Publisher: Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books

A cannon. A strap.
A piece. A biscuit.
A burner. A heater.
A chopper. A gat.
A hammer
A tool
for RULE

Or, you can call it a gun. That’s what fifteen-year-old Will has shoved in the back waistband of his jeans. See, his brother Shawn was just murdered. And Will knows the rules. No crying. No snitching. Revenge. That’s where Will’s now heading, with that gun shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, the gun that was his brother’s gun. He gets on the elevator, seventh floor, stoked. He knows who he’s after. Or does he? As the elevator stops on the sixth floor, on comes Buck. Buck, Will finds out, is who gave Shawn the gun before Will took the gun. Buck tells Will to check that the gun is even loaded. And that’s when Will sees that one bullet is missing. And the only one who could have fired Shawn’s gun was Shawn. Huh. Will didn’t know that Shawn had ever actually USED his gun. Bigger huh. BUCK IS DEAD. But Buck’s in the elevator? Just as Will’s trying to think this through, the door to the next floor opens. A teenage girl gets on, waves away the smoke from Dead Buck’s cigarette. Will doesn’t know her, but she knew him. Knew. When they were eight. And stray bullets had cut through the playground, and Will had tried to cover her, but she was hit anyway, and so what she wants to know, on that fifth floor elevator stop, is, what if Will, Will with the gun shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, MISSES.

And so it goes, the whole long way down, as the elevator stops on each floor, and at each stop someone connected to his brother gets on to give Will a piece to a bigger story than the one he thinks he knows. A story that might never know an END…if WILL gets off that elevator.

Summary caught my interests, and I love the cover! The plot also remind me of a scene from one of my favorite movies. #ownvoices #talesfromthehood

Title: Here We Are Now
Author: Jasmine Warga 
Release Date: November 7th 2017 
Publisher: Balzer + Bray

A book about love, loss, and the power of music, perfect for fans of Nick Hornby and Fangirl. 

Taliah Sahar Abdallat lives and breathes music. Songs have always helped Tal ease the pain of never having known her father. Her mother, born in Jordan and very secretive about her past, won’t say a word about who her dad really was. But when Tal finds a shoebox full of old letters from Julian Oliver—yes, the indie rock star Julian Oliver—she begins to piece the story together.

She writes to Julian, but after three years of radio silence, she’s given up hope. Then one day, completely out of the blue, Julian shows up at her doorstep, and Tal doesn’t know whether to be furious or to throw herself into his arms. Before she can decide, he asks her to go on a trip with him to meet her long-estranged family and to say good-bye to his father, her grandfather, who is dying.

Getting to know your father after sixteen years of estrangement doesn’t happen in one car ride. But as Tal spends more time with Julian and his family, she begins to untangle her parents’ secret past, and discovers a part of herself she never recognized before.

Long lost family members,indie rock,and a road-trip Oh My 

Here We Are Now sounds like my kind of book. 

So that's what we're waiting on this Wednesday.
 So how about you? Leave a link and let us know. :)

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Top Ten Tuesday(36): Ten Books With Fall/Autumn Covers

Check out how Top Ten Tuesday works & the future schedule of topics HERE.The Top Ten Tuesday, is hosted by the ever-fabulous The Broke and the Bookish  This meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish.

Ten Books With Fall/Autumn Covers/Themes (If the cover screams fall to you, or the books give off a feeling of being Fallish)

Melissa& Jessica's Top 10

Jessica's Five
  • Before Now by Norah Olson
  • Into the Bright Unknown by Rae Carson
  • The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano
  • Shadow Girl by Liana Liu
  • Closest I've Come by Fred Aceves
Melissa's Top Five

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Review: God is a Woman & Author Interview with Michael Tavon

Fun facts: Floridian, Avid fan of The Office, and Michael Jackson. 

Favorite authors: Charles Bukowski & Mitch Albom
I also make music and act

When did you decide to become a writer?
After flunking out of college, in 2012, writing suddenly became my passion overnight. 

Where do you get your ideas?
I draw inspiration from, dreams, people, and real life situations. 

What is your favorite under-appreciated novel?
Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook  by Bukowski 

Describe your book in 3 words.
Gritty. Heartwarming. Funny. 

Which reading format do you prefer: Paperbacks, Hardcovers or E-books? 
Paperbacks and Hardcovers


Title: God is a Woman

Author: Michael Tavon
Release Date: December 25th 2016

Price Jones is young, handsome, and already spiraling down the drain in a sea of alcohol. He chooses sex as his release, indiscriminate and plentiful, and for that he paid the price in many ways.The young novelist carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and wants nothing more than to be loved and the warmth of a woman's touch.

 After losing his mother to an overdose the Price finds himself in a precarious situation of loving two beautiful women simultaneously. A predicament he must resolve before life gets messier than it already is. Can Price finally learn to respect himself? Will he finally spread his wings and fly? Is Iris the muse he needs to feed his creative and soul-deep need to be his version of a good man? Will she be the wind beneath his wings? Or will it be Benu the woman to sparks the light to his soul? Or will the trauma of his childhood keep Price from accepting love all together? GOD IS A WOMAN is a heartfelt tale of one man’s journey toward self-destruction that could only be halted by one special woman. The story proves how a woman can be the driving force to a man's personal growth. And how a woman's God-like nature can provide the substance to a man's heart.

Not exactly sure what I was expecting, when I first started reading this book. But Oh Boy! I read this entire book like 2 hours ago, and had to describe it to my roomies. I really liked, how unapologetic, and real this story was. Prince of course was my favorite, his evolution is amazing. You see a man broken down by life, love, and society but he is able to overcome. I love that Prince was able to have his moment of clarity, and realize nothing will change if I don't. I know this book is described as a romance novel but that is not what I read.  Yes, he loves woman but this is a story of self-discovery, and redemption.The pacing of the story is quick, but then again the book is only 156 pages. I wish we could have more detail in certain parts of the book but ehh. This book is a reminder that love will set you free, and in the words of Maya Angelou "You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." 4.5/5

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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Blog Tour: The 16th Academy by Spencer Yacos

Title: The 16th Academy 
Author: Spencer Yacos
Publisher: Cedar Fort Press

Eastway Academy, a shadowy organization steeped in espionage, values obedience above all else. Although a well-trained agent in his third year,16-year-old Davy Prince struggles to find his morals when every mission seems to put innocent lives at risk. 
How will Davy react when sabotage turns an already risky job into an all-out struggle for survival?

Check it out on Amazon here.
Check it out on Barnes & Noble here.
"Camelot is ready. The operation is a go," a voice crackled through the
transceiver in my ear. The mission was being initiated and a part of me was
annoyed. Only halfway through my fried chicken, I was still pretty hungry. I
hadn't eaten since the night before, since the plane ride down that morning
served no breakfast. Given that I was going to meet with a drug kingpin in a
few minutes, the last thing I wanted was for my stomach to be growling.

I sat in the first floor food court of the Franklin Building, El Paso's premier
commercial block and the headquarters of the global fast food chain Beef n'
Wings. It was just after noon and the area stirred with visitors eager for their
lunch. From my position I could see two other field agents, the only other two
in the building. Far off to my right, just outside the crowds and colorful
cacophony of restaurants, a hulking teenaged boy seemed to have the same
idea I had as he snacked on a beef hot dog from one of the stands.

 He wore a blue hard hat, with matching blue overalls and heavy-looking harnesses
which clung to his body. At his side he loosely held a squeegee as well as
some napkins, presumably for his meal. After taking a big gulp, his lips began
to move. It was much too noisy in the food court to pick up any word he was
saying naturally, but on the transceiver I could hear him perfectly. Percival is
ready. Let's get this over with."
Jessica's review:
Definitely read this book in one sitting, after saying I would finish it later…After reading The 16th Academy, I can honestly say there better be a SEQUEL!! How do you leave us hanging like that? I mean it was like Wham! Bam! Thank you Mam! I’m stunned that a first time Author Spencer Yacos, was able to make such a strong, and memorable book. This book is a great entry into the YA world, Spencer definitely has a cult classic on his hands.

From the beginning, I had a love/hate relationship with all the characters. The book takes place in a boarding school, setting but with only five students, and one Professor. This is not an average school we learn, there is more than meets the eye. I loved that the Academy had a reputation for being a school for the rich, and privileged but no one knew that the students were badass ninjas.  Just kidding they are totally not ninjas… Overall if you like Young Adult Thrillers/Suspense novels, this is one book that you must checkout! 4/5

(Melissa's review for The 16th Academy will be up at a later date.)

 Author Bio:

Spencer Yacos is the 19 year old author of The 16th Academy published by Cedar Fort Press. He originally wrote thenovel his freshman year of high school at age 15. Spencer takes a lot of inspiration from film and television when writing, with Pulp Fiction being his favorite movie.

 He is currently studying at the University of Richmond in Virginia and, like in high school, most of the time he can write is between classes and late at night. He enjoys theater, R&B music, and long walks on the beach.


Author Interview:

Jessica: Would you rather be an Anti-Hero or Hero?

Spencer:I'd rather be a hero! I know that's a little surprising since the protagonist of The 16th Academy can be about as 'anti' as an anti-hero can get. Regardless, when I think of anti-heroes I think of those brooding, tortured souls who'll do the right thing if they're feeling it that day. I've never been much of a brooder to be honest, so I think I'll keep it positive as a squeaky clean good guy.

Melissa: Best advice you have ever received, in regards to writing?

Spencer:I read an interview once with Zadie Smith who said to work on a computer disconnected from the Internet. As an enormous procrastinator that's probably the best advice I can get. You hear these stories of authors just sitting away in their studies for days on end elegantly crafting their masterpieces - meanwhile you have a guy like me who can barely sit still for five minutes. If given the chance I will spend just as much time watching cats on YouTube as writing the next big plot twist for my new book - that's why pulling the plug is so important.

Jessica: Did you put any of your personality in the characters?

Spencer: When writing the first draft of The 16th Academy I actually tried my best to avoid this and have the characters organically grow into their personalities on their own. As I got around to the second draft, though, and I was working hard to give each character a three dimensional personality, bits and quirks of myself began to embed themselves. I guess it's bound to happen - when a parent raises their kids, those kids usually get some kind of trait passed on to them.

Melissa:  Which of your supporting characters would be perfect a spin-off Novel or a Novela (short story)? 

Spencer:The cool thing about The 16th Academy is that just about every character has their own story to tell. I could see a prequel novel for any one of them - although probably not a sequel, since most of them don't survive the story! Every character has a whole book series of adventures in their past - and not just because they've been going on dangerous missions at Eastway Academy. For instance, one of the students, Ozzy, grew up in China with his family. After his parents were brutally killed, he pledged to avenge their murders by any means necessary - using his new connections at Eastway. All of this, mind you, happens before the actual story even begins.

Jessica, and Melissa would love to know: What is your favorite childhood book?
Spencer: I was a huge fan of The Secrets of Droon series. They were the first chapter books I read and I love each and every one of them to death. My elementary school actually had Tony Abbot come visit and fourth grade me nerded out hard. I brought in all my Droon books and told Tony how I, too, was going to be an author one day. Turns out my dreams came true a little earlier than I expected, because just five years later I began work on The 16th Academy.

For the next stop on this blog tour go check out Bookish Sara’s Literary Meanderings tomorrow!!!!

Review:Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis

Title:Given to the Sea
Author: Mindy McGinnis 
Release Date:April 11th 2017 
Publisher: Putnam's Childrens

Khosa is Given to the Sea, a girl born to be fed to the water, her flesh preventing a wave like the one that destroyed the Kingdom of Stille in days of old. But before she’s allowed to dance – an uncontrollable twitching of the limbs that will carry her to the shore in a frenzy – she must produce an heir. Yet the thought of human touch sends shudders down her spine that not even the sound of the tide can match.

Vincent is third in line to inherit his throne, royalty in a kingdom where the old linger and the young inherit only boredom. When Khosa arrives without an heir he knows his father will ensure she fulfills her duty, at whatever cost. Torn between protecting the throne he will someday fill, and the girl whose fate is tied to its very existence, Vincent’s loyalty is at odds with his heart.

Dara and Donil are the last of the Indiri, a native race whose dwindling magic grows weaker as the island country fades. Animals cease to bear young, creatures of the sea take to the land, and the Pietra – fierce fighters who destroyed the Indiri a generation before – are now marching from their stony shores for the twin’s adopted homeland, Stille.

Witt leads the Pietra, their army the only family he has ever known. The stone shores harbor a secret, a growing threat that will envelop the entire land – and he will conquer every speck of soil to ensure the survival of his people.

The tides are turning in Stille, where royals scheme, Pietrans march, and the rising sea calls for its Given.

Mindy McGinnis is one of my favorite authors so when I saw that she had a new book coming out I had to get it and give it a read. Fun fact even though I ordered Given To The Sea well in advance it took me weeks to finally read the book. However once I stared it didn't take me very long to finish reading Given To The Sea. Then I had to reread the novel because I wasn't 100% sure what I just read and If I even liked it...

There are four POVs. Which was a bit confusing at first but it wasn't to bad after a while.I think my favorite POV was from  Khosa. Khosa is a bit hard to like at first but after a while she grows on you and she also spends most of her time in a library. There is a love square involved (:/) which isn't as weird or ridiculous as you would thing.The character's were a bit hit or miss for me and I'm curious about how they will develop in the possible sequel. The world building was nice,but I really with we could have been given more background on the Indiri.

 The cover is eerie,vibrant and really quite lovely. One thing I like about Mindy McGinnis, is that she writes about social issues.So it's not all that surprising that that carried over into her fantasy world. Here, she shows a flawed society full of sexism, racism, and ableism that our main characters have to face.So even though I'm not a huge fan of this particular novel, I cant deny that Mindy is a dam good author that gave writing fantasy the good ole college try.This books was not for me but I can kinda see why others would like Given To The Sea.2/5

Waiting on Wednesday(77) Like Water & The Memory Trees

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine and specifically spotlights upcoming novels we can't wait to read. As always, there are some amazing upcoming books, but this week I'm particularly excited for..

Title: Like Water
Author:  Rebecca Podos
Release Date: October 17,2017
Publisher: Balzer + Bray

A gorgeously written and deeply felt literary young adult novel of identity, millennial anxiety, and first love, from the widely acclaimed author of The Mystery of Hollow Places

In Savannah Espinoza’s small New Mexico hometown, kids either flee after graduation or they’re trapped there forever. Vanni never planned to get stuck—but that was before her father was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, leaving her and her mother to care for him. Now, she doesn’t have much of a plan at all: living at home, working as a performing mermaid at a second-rate water park, distracting herself with one boy after another.

That changes the day she meets Leigh. Disillusioned with small-town life and looking for something greater, Leigh is not a “nice girl.” She is unlike anyone Vanni has met, and a friend when Vanni desperately needs one. Soon enough, Leigh is much more than a friend. But caring about another person stirs up the moat Vanni has carefully constructed around herself, and threatens to bring to the surface the questions she’s held under for so long.

With her signature stunning writing, Rebecca Podos, author of The Mystery of Hollow Places, has crafted a story of first love and of the complex ways in which the deepest parts of us are hidden, even from ourselves.

That cover, that synopsis, and mermaids!!! Like Water sounds Uhmazing.

Title: The Memory Trees
Author: Kali Wallace
Release Date:  October 10th, 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books

The Memory Trees is a dark magical realism novel about a mysterious family legacy, a centuries-old feud, and a tragic loss that resurfaces when sixteen-year-old Sorrow returns to her mother’s family orchard for the summer.

Sorrow Lovegood’s life has been shaped by the stories of the women who came before her: brave, resilient women who settled long ago on a mercurial apple orchard in Vermont. The land has been passed down through generations, and Sorrow and her family take pride in its strange history. Their offbeat habits may be ridiculed by other townspeople—especially their neighbors, the Abrams family—but for the first eight years of her life, the orchard is Sorrow’s whole world. 

Then one winter night everything changes. Sorrow’s sister Patience is tragically killed. Their mother suffers a mental breakdown. Sorrow is sent to live with her dad in Miami, away from the only home she’s ever known.

Now sixteen, Sorrow’s memories of her life in Vermont are maddeningly hazy; even the details of her sister’s death are unclear. She returns to the orchard for the summer, determined to learn more about her troubled childhood and the family she left eight years ago. Why has her mother kept her distance over the years? What actually happened the night Patience died? Is the orchard trying to tell her something, or is she just imagining things? 

Why am I excited, because I love apples..but really though I love a good fantasy/magical realism book! I'm here for the family reputation on the line, century-old feuding, and  hopefully a little Montague, and Capulet love story.... So that's what we're waiting on this Wednesday.
 So how about you? Leave a link and let us know. :)

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Release Blitz:Achilles by Greg Boose

About The Author

Greg Boose is the former Los Angeles and Chicago Editor for BlackBook Magazine , and his work has appeared online and in print publications. Greg holds an undergraduate degree from Miami University and an MFA from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

He lives in Santa Monica with his two young daughters. He has previously published The Red Bishop with Full Fathom Five Digital, as well as ghostwriting two Young Adult novels that hit T he New York Times ' bestseller list. Visit him online at

Title: Achilles
Author: Greg Boose
Release Date: September 26,2017

Lost meets The 100 in this action-packed YA science fiction series-starter.


The year is 2221, and humans have colonized a planet called Thetis in the Silver Foot Galaxy. After a tragic accident kills dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis’s leaders are desperate to repopulate. So Earth sends the Mayflower 2—a state-of-the-art spaceship—across the universe to bring 177 new homesteaders to the colony.

For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen who has bounced between foster homes and spent time on the streets of Cleveland, the move to Thetis is a chance to reinvent himself, to be strong and independent and brave, the way he could never be on Earth. But his dreams go up in smoke when their ship crash-lands, killing half the passengers and leaving the rest stranded—not on Thetis, but on its cruel and unpopulated moon, Achilles.

Between its bloodthirsty alien life forms and its distance from their intended location, Achilles is a harrowing landing place. When all of the adult survivors suddenly disappear, leaving the teenage passengers to fend for themselves, Jonah doubts they’ll survive at all, much less reach Thetis—especially when it appears Achilles isn’t as uninhabited as they were led to believe.


Buy Links (Amazon, B&N, Indiebound, etc are here):




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