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Rambling of a Book Nerd is now going to be gaining a new reviewer.We are both avid readers with the tendency to borrow way too many books at the library,spend a ridiculous about of time talking about characters as if they are real and  lurk in the library/book store on the weekends.


Hello Darlings, I'm Melissa and I have a vast number of nicknames.I read as much as I breathe and I hope on day to become a published author.I'm a 24-year-old self proclaimed book nerd who aspires to become an English  teacher after I actually finish college...I'm from Chicago or as some call it Chi-Town or the Windy City.

Fun Tidbits about me
Who am i?
A complete dork (see below)

Favorite Color: Yellow&Orange 
Favorite Book: Honestly I couldn't tell you.
Favorite Author: Hmm.. I have a few but my top four in no particular order are Sarah Dessen,David Levithan,Scott Westerfeild,Paulo Coelho

-I feel weird whenever I write an About Me.I never know what to write.

-I have a adorable dog called Bear,he's a Boxer& something else Pit-bull maybe...? and Labrador named Chico

- I have two other blogs ones school related and  the other is just for personal expression.

-If you'd like to know more just ask.


Hey hey hey, it's me Jessica but you can call me Jess! I have been reading for fun since I was 6 but now many moons later I am an avid reader, who just loves reading. I'm from Southern Illinois but I tell people St.Louis, MO because no knows anything about Southern IL. I am a 20-something book novice who is known to read multiple books at once, then confuse the stories (we can't all be great). I believe in multitasking....I read during my down time, and I have a lot down time lol! I would love to write adult satire picture books, and young adult novels.  

Favorite Color:  All colors associated with Purple!!

Favorite Book: I actually do not have a favorite book. I do have books that I re-read all the time which include Wicked by Gregory Maguire, and Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat. 

Favorite Author: Unfortunately, I do not have a favorite author. I just love books and if the book is awesome I will give it a read

Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned (Idk about the CGI, its so good lol), all the Harry Potter Movies, and last but not least the last Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn pt.2 (yes, the fight scene was that good!) #TeamJacob4Life

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