Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Review: The White Pavilion (Cosmic Winds Book #1)

Title: The White Pavilion (Cosmic Winds Book #1) 
Author: Ruth Fox
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press  
Release Date: December 12th, 2017

Tierra mejor: a world created by a Spanish clockmaker to house refugees from a dying Earth – or so the legend goes. Five hundred years have passed, and this world is slowly failing. Imre, young and extraordinarily beautiful, is a Dancer in the White Pavilion, a palace of exotic entertainments. But when she's chosen to dance the most important dance of all, she stumbles.

In a world governed by the precision of clockwork, her accident is viewed as a bad omen. Imre has now attracted the attention of the Prince Regent, a young man fighting to escape his destiny, as well as his Chief Advisor, a talented mechanic and astronomer who knows the truth about their failing world... and the mysterious Brotherhood. Uprooted from everything she knows, Imre is drawn into a world of politics and intrigue, unwittingly finding herself torn between love and duty - and at the centre of a deadly plot against the citizens of their world. 

Imre must prove herself to be more than just a dancer. For the legend of the Clockmaker is true, and the next stage in her plan is for the Children of Earth to return home.

I loved the setting in this book, it was very dystopian, and end of the world. They were separated by castes, which sucks. Here we have Imre, who is a Daughter of the Pavilion, and every year they honor the pattern by placing a feather in that hand of la Orcula. This year Imre is chosen to be the dancer who gets to place the feather in the hand of la Orcula. But while performing this dance Imre stumbles, and upsets the fragile balance of order.But then the King requests, that Imre live in the palace, inside his brothel. Imre must now navigate an unknown world, where she is solely blamed for bringing doom on everyone. Imre gets tangled in political, and rebel matters not knowing who can be trusted. I really loved the imagery, and the dystopian aspect of White Pavilion. Ruth was able to show us every caste, and how they lived. The rebels were very misunderstood, they just wanted everyone to be on the same level, no hierarchy. There is a huge plot twist in this book, I was not expecting at all. You should read White Pavilion, if you're looking for romance well not exactly romance, but death, destruction, and obliviously end of the world book. Check out this awesome book! 4/5

* I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Curiosity Quills Press. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.*

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