Thursday, May 28, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 2:Social Media

Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun. 
Day 2 Social Media 

Okay so the topic of the days are social media or Visual expressions. I thought about doing both but decided on social media. So in this day and age there's a lot of sites for social media Twitter, Facebook,Google+ and if your feeling nostalgic and out dated there's good ole MySpace plus a bunch more that I have no clue about.

When it comes to using social media to expand my blogging/writing horizon I am seriously lacking. I know blogging and life in general is all about making connection and networking but I'm just an awkward turtle all around. The only social media sites I use in relation to my blog are blogger and twitter. I have a Facebook but I keep that separate from my blogging world I do this mainly because Fb is more personal and I’m a bit shy/awkward when it come to sharing my blog with people I know. 
Strangers no prob people I know every day..mehh not as cool with it. 

I like using twitter a lot when it come to interacting with author and fellow bloggers verses comments on blogger mainly because it more of an instant  interaction. 
 I think social media and the whole instant  interaction is great but also when misused can be pretty awful. What makes it awful is sometimes people for get that the are sending these mean comments toward a real person not just  a little picture icon. Also what you post online stays online even if you think it doesn't. I recently read a blog post talking about how bloggers  interact with them authors on social media and the person brought up a lot of good points.(If I can find the blog/post I’ll link it to give her credit where credits due) 

Her post got me thinking about when I should and shouldn't link/tag/etc an author. I tend to do so only if the review is 4 or up and on occasion a 3.The whole sending mean comment online can go both ways authors to blogger to bloggers to authors and etc. So with all that being said I tend to be causes with my online presence. I like to  make more connection with others though any tips would be appreciated. Find me on Twitter @talamelis 

Hope you enjoyed my rambling slightly non cohesive post on social media. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Armchair BEA 2015!! :D 

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