Monday, October 23, 2017

Review: Into White

Title: Into White
Author: Randi Pink
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release Date: September 13, 2017

When a black teenager prays to be white and her wish comes true, her journey of self-discovery takes shocking--and often hilarious--twists and turns in this debut that people are sure to talk about.

LaToya Williams lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and attends a mostly white high school. She's so low on the social ladder that even the other black kids disrespect her. Only her older brother, Alex, believes in her. At least, until a higher power answers her only prayer--to be "anything but black." And voila! She wakes up with blond hair, blue eyes, and lily white skin. And then the real fun begins . . .

Randi Pink's debut dares to explore provocative territory. One thing's for sure--people will talk about this book.
Stopped to check this book out because of the cover, I love it! I'm pretty sure I read this book in one sitting, not even gonna lie. It happens sometimes I just get really into books, and can't put them down. 

LaToya is uncomfortable with her body, her dark skin, her hair, and she thinks being white will make it better. We get to see why LaToya has body issues, and how she tries to "fix" herself, even though there is nothing wrong with her. I found Toya to be funny, charming at times, and also very annoying, everything you expect from a high-schooler. Toya thought being white would be better but she soon learns that, that is not the case at all. While being white Toya has to deal with completely different issues, and problems. Toya also to deal with her brother, who is her protector, and best friend coming to terms with her being white. Randi talks about racism, almost being raped, black and white culture. There were some scenes that hit home, most of the black characters were victimized, and stereotyped. Randi is able to talk about a topic no one wants to hear "some people hate/discriminate against others because of there skin color," I get it no one wants to hear/see this but it is real. No matter what or how you believe it is true people hate others for how they were born. Some may even say it's not your color but how you act does that make it better? No, but Toya has to come to terms that there is nothing wrong with her. Toya is finally able to see that  there is nothing wrong her brother, he is just  different, he is happy. Toya dealt with some of the same issues I did, as far as body image issues go. Randi was able to create a perfect relationship between brother and sister, I loved them! This book is full of comedy, even with the serious topics discussed. Did I mention RANDI explored Black Fraternities, and Sororities, loved it! I hope there is a sequel where Toya goes to college, and joins a sorority. 5/5

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