Friday, October 6, 2017

Review: God is a Woman & Author Interview with Michael Tavon

Fun facts: Floridian, Avid fan of The Office, and Michael Jackson. 

Favorite authors: Charles Bukowski & Mitch Albom
I also make music and act

When did you decide to become a writer?
After flunking out of college, in 2012, writing suddenly became my passion overnight. 

Where do you get your ideas?
I draw inspiration from, dreams, people, and real life situations. 

What is your favorite under-appreciated novel?
Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook  by Bukowski 

Describe your book in 3 words.
Gritty. Heartwarming. Funny. 

Which reading format do you prefer: Paperbacks, Hardcovers or E-books? 
Paperbacks and Hardcovers


Title: God is a Woman

Author: Michael Tavon
Release Date: December 25th 2016

Price Jones is young, handsome, and already spiraling down the drain in a sea of alcohol. He chooses sex as his release, indiscriminate and plentiful, and for that he paid the price in many ways.The young novelist carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and wants nothing more than to be loved and the warmth of a woman's touch.

 After losing his mother to an overdose the Price finds himself in a precarious situation of loving two beautiful women simultaneously. A predicament he must resolve before life gets messier than it already is. Can Price finally learn to respect himself? Will he finally spread his wings and fly? Is Iris the muse he needs to feed his creative and soul-deep need to be his version of a good man? Will she be the wind beneath his wings? Or will it be Benu the woman to sparks the light to his soul? Or will the trauma of his childhood keep Price from accepting love all together? GOD IS A WOMAN is a heartfelt tale of one man’s journey toward self-destruction that could only be halted by one special woman. The story proves how a woman can be the driving force to a man's personal growth. And how a woman's God-like nature can provide the substance to a man's heart.

Not exactly sure what I was expecting, when I first started reading this book. But Oh Boy! I read this entire book like 2 hours ago, and had to describe it to my roomies. I really liked, how unapologetic, and real this story was. Prince of course was my favorite, his evolution is amazing. You see a man broken down by life, love, and society but he is able to overcome. I love that Prince was able to have his moment of clarity, and realize nothing will change if I don't. I know this book is described as a romance novel but that is not what I read.  Yes, he loves woman but this is a story of self-discovery, and redemption.The pacing of the story is quick, but then again the book is only 156 pages. I wish we could have more detail in certain parts of the book but ehh. This book is a reminder that love will set you free, and in the words of Maya Angelou "You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." 4.5/5

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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