Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review:The Symptoms of my Insanity

Title:The Symptoms of my Insanity
Author: Mindy Raf

A laugh-out-loud, bittersweet debut full of wit, wisdom, heart, and a hilarious, unforgettable heroine.

When you’re a hypochondriac, there are a million different things that could be wrong with you, but for Izzy, focusing on what could be wrong might be keeping her from dealing with what’s really wrong.

I almost raised my hand, but what would I say? “Mr. Bayer, may I please be excused? I’m not totally positive, but I think I might have cancer.” No way. Then everyone at school would know, and they would treat me differently, and I would be known as “Izzy, that poor girl who diagnosed herself with breast cancer during biology.”

But Izzy’s sense of humor can only get her so far when suddenly her best friend appears to have undergone a personality transplant, her mother’s health takes a turn for the worse, and her beautiful maybe-boyfriend is going all hot and cold. Izzy thinks she’s preparing for the worst-case scenario, but when the worst-case scenario actually hits, it’s a different story altogether—and there’s no tidy list of symptoms to help her through the insanity.


The Symptoms of my Insanity has been on my TBR list on Goodreads since I fist heard it was coming out and I've just read it thanks to finding it and the library. Honestly I forgot all about reading this book till I saw it on the Library shelf and I just grabbed it and checked it out. I'm not really sure what I expected from this book but what I got was pretty enjoyable to read.

Izzy the main character is filled with angst, medical facts and a plethora of sarcasm. Izzy for me is one of those characters that I liked and then at times she bugged the heck out of me. She wasn't very likeable but at times I could see were she was a bit relatable. The cast of characters were very relate and seem liked real teen dealing with real teen problems. I have to say, straight up - I liked the solidarity of the girls in Izzy's high school .When a sandal came about unlike real life they cleared the name of the girl in the scandal no problem. If only teen girls and grown woman could be like that.

The cover is bold and eye catching and I really like the font. All in all while not the best book The Symptoms of my Insanity is an enjoyable and fluffy read that's a good read to pass the time.2/5

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