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#Review:: Collateral Damage by Taylor Simonds

Collateral Damage by Taylor Simonds

Publisher: Parliament House Press
Release Date: June 25th, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, Superheroes

Power. Courage. Invincibility. The marks of a true hero.

Meg Sawyer has none of these things.

Meg has never stopped a moving bus with her bare hands, been bitten by a radioactive insect, or done anything moderately resembling saving the world. She doesn't have to. She's a background citizen, a nobody, one of the swarms of faceless civilians of Lunar City--where genetically enhanced superhumans straight out of the comics have thwarted evil for years.

For as long as the Supers have existed, Meg has had one goal: to not become a casualty in their near-daily battles for justice. And for the last seventeen years, she's managed to do just that. Sure, her minimum-wage job at the local coffee shop isn’t great, she can’t even leave her apartment without loading herself up with protective gear, and her car was just hijacked to throw at a supervillain (again), but she’s not dead yet.

But when Meg accidentally finds one of the city's perfect, invincible protectors murdered under extremely suspicious circumstances, her whole “innocent bystander” strategy falls apart. After being coerced by his determined girlfriend into a mission to help prevent the deaths of the remaining Supers, Meg finds herself forced into the foreground of a story she never wanted to be part of—one that challenges everything she thought she knew about both her city and herself.


Honestly, Collateral Damage is a breath of fresh air! I read this entire book after dinner, I tried to stop but MEG is Uh-Maz-Ing! Literally I opened the book, and said It's about Superheroes..." LOL jokes on me because I really liked this book!

Meg Sawyer is everything, you hope your protagonist should/would/will be. Meg is strong willed, level-headed (which is a constant battle to keep her head attached to her shoulders), and vulnerable, which made her more relatable.Did I mention funny, sassy, amd  She has lost her mother tragically and then her father. Meg's father was lost to her the moment her mother, died. Meg is just trying to survive in a world, that she feels has no place for her. Meg becomes an orphan, living in terrible conditions, and eventually escapes to the city after learning to make fake ID's.

Why does the world have no place for Meg? Well there are Superheroes that protect the city but they destroy everything in the process, and are not held accountable for their actions. But that's okay, Meg tends to yell at the Superheroes or just let them know that their a nuisance. The Superheroes are everyday people given the opportunity to have powers to fight crime, and protect the city... Mean while people are dying, buildings, homes,cars, schools are being destroyed everyday. But the city is in a better place! Not to mention it takes forever to get reimbursed for the damages... Who would've thought that Superheroes protecting the city are the worst!?!?!?! 

Meg, and her band of do-gooders are the best back up a girl could ever have! If you're looking for a fun and easy ya to read, check out Collateral Damage! Even if the Superhero trope isn't your thing! My rating 4.8/5 (I was kind of hoping someone was exterminated...)

**I received an ARC of this book from Parliament House Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! That in no way affected my rating or review.**
About the Author
Taylor Simonds is an Orlando-based professional manuscript editor with Write My Wrongs Editing. Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, and previous staff writing credits include and Taylor likes cosplaying, watching anime, buying fan art she’ll forget to hang up, and camping out for the next Marvel movie. Collateral Damage is her debut novel; the product of a dawning realization after years upon years of superhero fandom that although superheroes are cool, living next door to them would be decidedly not so. 
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