Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blog Update and a Rambling Rant

So it's been awhile since I've posted a review and while i would like to say that things will change I can't.Mainly do to life and who I am as a person...

I will say this I will try my best to do at least two non-review post a week. And two review posts a month.I'd like to try and blog more because it is something I genuinely like to do.I love talking to authors over twitter,checking out other book blogs,receiving request to review books and so much more...

I try not to post personal thing on this blog but i feel like I need to share somethings.I started this blog after realizing that the fist blog I started wasn't something I truly cared about or felt comfortable with....my first blog was personal it was where i shared badly written poems when i was fresh out of high school*Cringes in embarrassment* After that i vowed no more personal blogs.It didn't talk me long to decide that a book blog was what i wanted to do.I like books,I like writing and talking about books and a book blog could help me connect with other bookish people so why not.So with all that being said the moral of the story is that even if at time i fade away and don't post anything for a while i haven't given up i'm just busy at the moment.

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