Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rebecca Finlayson

Hello! My name is Rebecca Finlayson (though I mostly go by Becky) and I am a Teaching Assistant and writer!Tea Fiend. 'X&Y' and 'The Secrets of Nethiaria: The Magician's Book' available on Kindle now. She lives in Coventry, UK with my husband John and our wonderful housemate, Kat. You can find me on Twitter: @finlaysonauthor

1)How did you come up with the concept for X&Y?
I used to work as a Teaching Assistant and one day I was supporting a Religious Studies class that was discussing genetic engineering as part of their ethics topic. It got me to thinking if a whole country implemented genetic engineering, what would it look like? That, coupled with the fact that I was reading 1984 by George Orwell at the time inspired, what I thought, was an interesting story.

2) What are you working on now?
 I just released my second book on Kindle, a fantasy novel entitled "The Secrets of Nethiaria: The Magician's Book". It tells the tale of a sixteen year old called Esme, who finds out she is the daughter of the King and Queen in a land called Ellush in the far-off world of Nethiaria. Hidden away on Earth until now for her own protection, she is fated to go back and find an immensely powerful and mysterious flower called the Laminia, whose power she will harness to defeat the evil, power-hungry Lord Mordrian. I am also in my first draft of a post-apocalyptic story called 'The Dome', in which the last of earth's people are gathered together under the safety of a technology called 'The Dome', while the earth recovers after war.

3) Favorite genre to read?
 I honestly like reading all sorts, but I think one genre I will always fall back on is fantasy. I love seeing the worlds that different people build in their minds and put onto paper. I think it's incredible. 

4) Which reading format do you prefer: Paperbacks, Hardcovers or E-books?
Paperbacks. I love the feel of a book in my hand, and while I try to take good care of them, they do end up looking a bit too 'loved' (read: worn).

5) Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
I was inspired to become a writer just because I had too many stories and characters floating around in my head to contain them all. I wouldn't say there is one particular person who has inspired be, but there are a few particular authors whose work I read drives me to become better in my writing - for example, I will read anything by Joanne Harris or Kazuo Ishiguro because their work is just outstanding. 

6) Zombie filled world  or Dystopian world  Why?
 Dystopian, purely because I feel I would be better at joining the revolution against whatever system was in place, rather than trying to escape from zombies. I'd rather take on 'The Man' than the undead. 'The Man' would not try to eat my brains, for one. 

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