Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Adults Reading Ya Novels?!?!

Recently Jessica has sent me a link about how adults should be embarrassed to read YA books.When I read this I was just sitting there confused as hell. This is a quote from the article, : "Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children."
Um...excuse me I read YA as adult and I'm not all that embarrassed...yes at 18 I took a stroll down the adult fiction isle thinking that I need to move past YA novels( and I still do from time time') but I have moved on from feeling embarrassed; it is what it is, I like what I like.I find no reason to be shamed by what I like. Yes, on occasion I find my self rolling my eyes at certain situations found in YA but it isn't a huge thing.YA books are on this beautiful spectrum where you can find something for 13 yrs olds to 25-30 year olds. You can find pretty juvenile books that border on middle grade to the steamy so called hip New Adult books that border on adult fiction.(only because they include the 20something gang and sex)

Yes, I agree that YA books and that community is for young adults but there nothing wrong with adults being there. There are plenty of articles that are similar to Ruth Graham and I feel like we need to move away from the idea that an adults reading YA is shameful or that certain types of books are lesser than others.

Honestly, I had no idea that people felt this way nor do I care about how others feel about books I choose to read. Yes, I could read New Adult but I don't, not really my genre haha! But really Ruth Graham's article is talking about two specific books "The Fault in Our Stars, and Elanor and Park", I have read neither nor do I plan on reading them... Ruth has issues that these books are becoming movies because we ADULTS are reading YA...I'm not sure it works that way, sometimes the movie rights are bought before the book even comes out. Ruth herself stated in her NPR interview that "the best YA is much richer than, and more sophisticated than I give them credit for..." Ruth is simply saying that her opinion is her opinion even if it is unwarranted, and we should listen because her voice matters?? I'm being dramatic but whatever. Ruth has an issue when ADULTS read "teen love stories" me too but I can't tell you, that you should be embarrassed to read them. I think people should be embarrassed to read fiftyshadesofbland but I keep that to myself...Maybe Ruth was tired of all the fiftyshadesofbland slander , When Ruth states ya is a guilty pleasure for ADULTS..Personally I don't like the idea of  YA being a "guilty pleasure", I just like the books..

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  1. I cannot stand when people judge others for what they enjoy reading! Ugh! Great rant!!!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads


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